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As I learn more and more and apply what I've learned to past experiences i gain more and more perspective about myself. Why I do the things I do, how seemingly random things affected my personal life. The intrusive thoughts aren't as constant as they were not so long ago but they are still frequent. The emotional flashbacks that come with them and the cortisol? dumps are quite debilitating. Talking about it helps alot. But it seems to be fleeting. Anyone else have a similar experience?
yup, i've had similar experiences. talking was the first therapy tool i learned and, likewise, it helps but the relief is always short-lived. i have accumulated a hefty toolbox of therapy tools since then and still haven't found THE CURE. over the course of accumulating that massive toolbox, i have come to think of daily use of those tools as my spiritual diet. i no longer expect to find the meal which will sustain me forever. nourish daily. within that context, i bet i spend fewer hours nourishing my spirit than i spend nourishing my body. cleanup is a whole heap easier, too.

what's in YOUR diet?
Right now? Not alot. I've been forcing myself to shower and brush my teeth and drink lots of water. Ive been reading your stories and point of views which has honestly helped the most.. All the va people that process claims are on leave over the holidays and I've been shutdown for a while now. The little clothes I do have are on their last legs. Help is coming hopefully i just have to be patient. I checked all the way out sometime in 2021. Thank you for your reply.