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PTSD, Complex ptsd & chronic ptsd


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My counsaler says I have chronic PTSD is that the same thing as CPTSD my sexual asult wasn`t as a young kid I was a teenager then I have PTSD from several other sources such as being a fire fighter a bad car wreak and domestic violance from my x wife that is why my counsaler says it is chronic PTSD because of every thing built up

I guess I meant to say complex PTSD not CPTSD course might be the same thing wondering if Chronic PTSD is the the same thing
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Complex PTSD: is basically PTSD plus a bunch of additional symptoms that can arise when someone is living in a situation where they face repeated life-threatening trauma or sexual assault. Often referred to as cptsd.

Chronic PTSD: is ptsd where there is symptoms that appear for a long period of time, often without respite, or waxing/waning. It’s not a different diagnosis/disorder to ptsd, just a way a describing that person’s clinical presentation.

There’s lots of different descritors that clinicians add to a PTSD diagnosis to help describe a person’s presentation. For example:
  • Chronic ptsd
  • Developmental ptsd
  • Combat ptsd
empathy on your confusion, dave. the va counselor who put the "c" on my ptsd around 2011 explained it as, "complex ptsd, indicating repetitive trauma." i have since heard the "c" listed as everything from an invalid dx to more c-words than i have the energy to type.

i use whatever context the person i am talking to is using. the name is nothing more than an aid in discussing ^it^. i'm far more concerned with healing than being the rightiest right in the whole right pack.
Howdy! Dispatch here - and yep, being a firefighter can lead to ptsd all by itself. Then add in other traumas and you get the coveted Complex ptsd label, which is pretty much an issue all the time, so that means it could be considered chronic.

Whew! Hows that for a rundown? ☺️

This is a great place because the people here just get it. It's been an amazing help for me.
Soooooo many C-words!


And people OFTEN use CPTSD to Describe ANY of those. >.< So what they actually mean? Is anyone’s guess. Until you ask them.

Wanna really bake your noodle?

About 1:5 people who experience life threatening trauma &/or sexual assault develop PTSD. So? Most people don’t. They might develop another disorder entirely, or? None at all.

Trauma ≠ (does not equal) PTSD.

Complex trauma ≠ (does not equal) CPTSD

A person who has experienced complex trauma MAY develop
- Another disorder entirely
- No disorder at all

Does the complex trauma have to happen in childhood, in order to be CPTSD? NOPE!!! Prisoners of War, and other adult-only-trauma has always been included. In point of fact, combat vets are far MORE likely to have complex trauma than childhood trauma survivors, even if “simple” childhood trauma is often far “more” destructive.

Basically? Whether PTSD, CPTSD, Trauma, or Complex Trauma? It’s NOT a pain scale. It’s not like if it hurts THIS badly, it’s this, but that badly and that.

They’re simply symptom clusters/constellations.

And the treatment for both trauma & complex trauma, PTSD & CPTSD? Is. Exactly. The. Same.

So I don’t personally sweat the difference. I know I have complex trauma in spades (so treatment will take longer) & I know I have PTSD (so what that treatment looks like). And the rest? Is Teflon. Slides right off. No difference to me.