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Ptsd diagnosis

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Hi, you are correct that your situation does not qualify for PTSD diagnosis. There are lots of disorders that have similar symptoms, but PTSD is reserved for actual or expose life threatening conditions. Not because you made a mistake and lost money to the Stockmarket. That is just anxiety, depression, so forth.
It’s not just vets suffer from this please bear this in mind , I’m in a denial about this illness and wonder...
I am not a vet either. I was diagnosed with PTSD due to domestic violence a little over a year ago. I didn’t understand the diagnosis, but the longer I try to ignore it, the worse the symptoms get. I am trying to get my degree so that I can give my boys a better life, but my 4.0 is disappearing into a pit of confusion and despair. I can barely hold a conversation or read an article without my mind being consumed with memories and fears. The court thinks I am crazy because I am terrified of my husband. Maybe I am, I don’t know. I just know that this isn’t getting any better, and my boys need me to be so much stronger than I am right now.
Thank you for providing this information here.
I am grateful that you linked the sources of the diagnostic criteria.
I was wondering if it may be helpful to also include the sources for the other things you've stated here. It is my experience that people with PTSD have difficulties with trust, and so it may feel challenging to just "take your word for it," even though it is clear you have done your own research. But seeing as you, yourself, state the importance of adhering to the validity of evidence and standards, perhaps you might consider the standard of siting your sources.
Specifically with "Differential Diagnosis" and other areas that truly could help so many people who are suffering needlessly.
Thank you again for everything you do
considering the risk of suicide rates, stating, "the bone will stop healing and cause permanent impairment to that persons life," need to be sited and sourced.
Telling someone that repeated trauma cannot be healed and will cause, "cause permanent impairment to that persons life," is extremely, extremely dangerous for those struggling to believe it will ever get better.
Please. Include the research that supports what you are saying. Thank you.
Handbook of PTSD: Science and Practice, Vol 2.
Strong second! Great book. :tup: Really really great book. If a bit too heavy to easily throw when irritated (one can still shove it satisfactorily on the floor, and stalk around swearing before dragging it back up to the table, so there’s that). Took me awhile to work my way through it. Absolutely worth it.

I’m pretty sure it was you who recommended it to me once upon an eon ago. Best PTSD Book Rec Ever @MamaHopeful Truly.

Okay, my little mini Phenom resource! Get it! blurb above feels a bit lame side by side the editorial reviews.

“An extraordinary volume filled with nuanced and thoughtful discussion...”-Ronald C. Kessler, PhD, McNeil Family Professor of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School
"Handbook of PTSD, Second Edition, captures the state of the science of the field, cementing its place as the premier go-to reference...” Sandro Galea, MD, DrPH, Gelman Professor and Chair, Department of Epidemiology, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University
“Highly organized, balanced, evidence based, and comprehensive....An essential resource...” (New England Journal of Medicine 2008-06-01)
Again, great book.

I can't seem to find this statement, ""the bone will stop healing and cause permanent impairment to that persons life," in the DSM V but I will absolutely look in the other recommended literature. Thanks!
I think you are nitpicking. The DSM doesn't make that analogy, Anthony is so he doesn't need to cite himself.
I am nitpicking only because being in charge of a site for PTSD and saying a statement like, "permanent impairment" is VERY dangerous, in my opinion. I feel if something is an opinion, and not supported by evidence-based research, it should be left for personal opinion essays or comments on here. That's all.
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a classified trauma and stressor related disorder which is often misdiagnosed with Bipolar. PTSD is treatable, yet has no medical cure to date. Saying that, PTSD can and does go into remission, similar to that of cancer. What is often referred to as Posttraumatic stress can in actuality be referring to PTSD, Acute Stress Disorder (ASD), Adjustment Disorders or simply having a few symptoms after a traumatic event that meet none of the above, and instead a combination of other disorders. One way to view PTSD is, "an abnormal response, to an abnormal situation, is normal behavior."
I would like to re-read this a few times. I have found it helpful already. But there is alot to try to wrap your head around if you have memory issues like I do. Please let me k ow where it will be when it is removed from this primary page. Thank you.
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I found this article most thought-provoking for its description of the apparent 'over-diagnosis' of PTSD. Naturally that has me wondering now if perhaps I myself might've been wrongly diagnosed, firstly by the psychologist and then (separately & independently) by the psychiatrist. If I don't actually have PTSD, how can I figure out what I do actually have instead, so that I can get on the right path for fixing whatever it is that's wrong? As I'm just new on here, I apologise if an obvious answer/reference lies elsewhere on the site.
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