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Released Some Firewall Limitations - AI Anti-Spam Used


I have recently installed an upgraded anti-spam system here that uses AI to review content and ascertain whether its likely spam or not. It's working quite well, as it takes anything suspect and places it into moderation for human eyes to review. As such, I am happy with the system and have reduced some firewall restrictions. This means greater global access (country restriction removal) and anonymity can be provided again (TOR). I will gradually decrease firewall restrictions (VPN's) over the coming months and rely more on AI to isolate spam, in combination with our existing systems, none of which had the capability that the AI system has, which is the missing piece that I relied upon the firewall to blanket ban from server access.

The system is early days, but is extremely promising, to say the least. I am happy enough with its performance to be lowering firewall restrictions, which unfortunately do catch legitimate users of TOR, VPN's and other IP blocks, due to a minority.