Rolling Update Changes - End 01 May 2017

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Are we getting the option to change back to the old format? This is visually jarring, though I suppose you may be part way through.

Nice to see the forum menu back, I often clicked on it and took myself back to the main forum page when I wanted to mark read

Do you think it is actually a good thing to encourage phone use above anything else? I wonder if that contributes to the change to shorter, less thought out posting, as people can't see so much of preceding posts? Do people really care that much about waiting for a page to load? It all seems very short termist.


Do you think it is actually a good thing to encourage phone use above anything else?
I cannot stop progressive technological change within society -- my only role is to adapt to the data. There is no trick in this. Our current mobile usage is 71% and increasing each quarter approximately 1%.

It doesn't matter how you, as one person, does something in your life. I have to meet the majority, and the majority is mobile users.

Avatars are not returning. The faster people get to that conclusion, the easier life will be for each to move forward.

A little lost

Please could I just ask , does my kindle fire class as "mobile"? I'm not very tech savvy and am just curious.
As far as the updates go, I think you are doing what you need to do to be able keep the forum working as smoothly as possible. This way everyone can still be linked in to the community and resources available for those of us who have been classed as unworthy of help (just speaking for myself with that) and have noone who cares if we are struggling with what someone has done to us and just see us as liars.
I am grateful that there is a forum at all, up until a few weeks ago I was totally on my own trying to cope, now I feel not as crazy or 'freakish"....It isn't just me struggling.
Thank you @anthony and moderators for keeping the forum running and here for us in the best way you can.
Not open for further replies.