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Rolling Update Changes - End 01 May 2017

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Has this worked? Yes. The below image you can see where I began rolling changes out, I started behind the scenes around 20 Apr, announced it 25th when I began making public, seen changes. You can see that our traffic was steady, then around two thirds through April, we begin climbing and are still climbing at the same steady rate presently.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 7.32.59 am.png

This demonstrates that all the changes made are producing the correct results in Google, where our traffic comes from. We had stalemated, basically, because of the way Google handles pages delivered to mobiles. With 70% of our traffic being that demographic, we were missing out on user opportunities for broader responses.

At this time, all objectives are being met from these changes, even though some where tough to swallow, they are working correctly, bringing more users, diversity of responses as such, here to all users.
Now some time has passed, a feature you haven't seen is called Argo, which runs as part of our Cloudflare package. Argo improves the latency of your connection to the server by using Tier1 connections as much as possible via Cloudflares DNS. Instead of letting routing just work, Argo intervenes and reroutes connections where possible to the faster connection points.

Whilst you think this isn't a huge change, average 150ms, what you need to focus on is that the change is 56% improved efficiency for users. The faster the connection, the faster data starts to transfer. Especially relevant for mobiles. These changes relate to the changes made in the site and the server, combined with your Internet connection. All combined, 56% faster in getting to the first byte of data.

Not open for further replies.