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Rolling Update Changes - End 01 May 2017

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The lack of color feels 'cold', which may not be conducive to feeling welcomed/comfortable.

While I know there will always be 3 camps in any kind of aesthetic (love, DGAF, hate), & any group as large as ours (thousands) will be well represented in each category (so it's generally pointless to declare), since there has only been negative feedback about the current aesthetic? OMFG I LOVE IT!!! It's cool, clean, refreshing, streamlined, & sexy as hell. I log in and it's just ... Bliss.

Shrug. It may well change on May1st. Until then, I'm just going to enjoy it.

Whether by design or accident the aesthetic tends to reverse every update. Sometimes my eyes bleed, other times I'm really digging the current atmosphere. Either way, though? I'm not here for the pretty. I'm here for the content. Which is what the backbone of these updates are always about; adapting to changing circumstances to keep the site itself top shelf. Which it always is. But only because of the massive overhauls, upgrades, & ongoing tech support that keeps everything purring. I'm a visual artist. I care waaaay too much about the aesthetic, & know it. That said? Given the choice between a garishly painted Maserati & a sleekly silver Yugo? Maserati up! :sneaky:
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Are private conversations going to be deleted?
Private conversations have always been periodically deleted. There are announcements for that back in the years when it begun. The only change is that I have moved it up in time as PC's often out number new threads in a given year.

Lots of things get automatically cleaned here, and have for years. Others get periodically manually cleaned inline with automatic functions. The PC pruner was set for 3 years, now 1 year. Pruning is not new.
I kind of assumed that those conversations were here forever to review in times of difficulties
If I turned the site off tomorrow and dismantled it -- then they are no longer here, nor is any of your content. Not really a valid argument IMO. Assumptions are the mother of all f*ckups.
@joeylittle Thank you for your summery of the feedback that has been posted. That went a long way in making me feel like we are being heard.

@anthony This has to be incredibly stressful and I am sure it is far more work than we can imagine. We may be voicing our concerns but I think I can speak for the majority when I say that we are so thankful to you for providing this site for us. If it came between site changes we don't like and not having the site at all, we would rather have the site. We are all individuals and are going to have different opinions on site features. Making site changes in atempts to please everyone would be madness. I think most of us get that.
If I turned the site off tomorrow and dismantled it -- then they are no longer here, nor is any of your content. Not really a valid argument IMO. Assumptions are the mother of all f*ckups.
So, I made an almighty f*ckup, I can accept that. However, would it have been impossible to warn members that some of their content was going to be removed to allow them some opportunity to save anything that they wanted to save? I'm not debating the fact that PC's, media and avatars have gone, or needed to go, just that it would have been nice to have had some warning about it.

I am fully aware that this is your site and you can, and will do whatever the hell you like with it. However, it feels very disrespectful on the one hand to ask for money to keep the site going, then to delete peoples content (PC's, media & avatars) with no warning.
Honestly, no. The reason is that members would have started the debate then. Again, pruning PC's IS NOT NEW. If you have some absolutely, over the top, seriously important content in a PC that you no longer have in your inbox, and simply cannot go on living without it, then I can recover that for you individually at a later date. (I never said I didn't have a backup copy of it - that would be negligent of me)

As for avatars and media... any member who doesn't own the images they uploaded, and have local copies of such content, then they're either committing copyright infringement OR a little silly for not having such originals in their possession, and somehow confusing an online PTSD community as their image repository. I see no valid reason for warning about images.

In fact, staff are already progressively removing older content that is found to infringe copyright. No warnings given, just deletion. If you can't prove you own the image, lyrics or such you post here, then it is progressively being removed to protect MyPTSD staff and administration from future legal action. Anything future posted is being heavily moderated here forth when in doubt of ownership.

As you're very well aware, it can be smooth to chaotic from the moderation side at any given point -- copyright is getting tougher to plead ignorance, and fair use because I found it online so it must be free -- attitude, around the world, is no longer cutting it for anyone involved.

If you have some PC CB that you absolutely must have, PC me and I will recover it for you and send to you at a later date when time permits.
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If this site owns content I post, where do I stand legally in terms of taking copies of all my diary, and various important threads? If it is acceptable, what is the best method?

I rely on some them both for support and more importantly for me for tracking therapeutically. It has been very useful to be able to tell someone else how I reacted at a particular time.

If you decided it was useful to delete those threads without warning, I would have lost a major resource.
If this site owns content I post, where do I stand legally in terms of taking copies of all my diary, and various important threads? If it is acceptable, what is the best method?
You can only have personal copies of what you post, not what others post, as per the legal terms and conditions you accepted. Read them, they're quite clear about this point you ask.

Pruning PC's is very different than threads. We lock and archive old threads already that have not had a post in a year. No change. PC's are private, tucked away, they aren't seen by anyone else. If one has not been posted upon in a year, 99.9% chance it isn't going to be again, thus it is pruned. PC's of that category are a burden on the system and database, old, stale content taking up room.

Threads are accessed and read, and are either public or accessible to members. PC's are a different discussion and limited to usually two or so people.

This is off-topic though, and ask that you do not continue this line of questioning on this thread. Raise a ticket if you want to discuss such things that are not about the upgrade.
Summarizing feedback (critical, positive, and observational) so far:


I don't believe I've missed anything - this is just a mid-thread post to capture where we currently are with the feedback.

Thanks, @joeylittle. Like another poster said, your summary (respectful and neutral in tone) went a long way in making me feel heard and valued. 'Preciate that!
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