Rolling Update Changes - End 01 May 2017

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Hi, I am going to be the goat & tether myself to a tree & you all can tear me to pieces here...

Please, I got the notification re major upgrade not too long after @anthony put it up. A deadline of May 1st for all of it to change. No negotiations re anything. It seemed a pretty straight forward thing really. But there you all go...

Occasionally I log in & have a read. I think I posted something once. But, I have not been 'active' on this site for a fair while now.

Getting to the point. Honestly everyone, take a breath. Calm the farm & any other cliché applicable.

I have read through every comment on this thread. I am amazed. No staggered at the comment's, 8 page's of them! Blah. Noise! Get a life.
Even defending your own property from copyright infringement costs huge money. So, nobody wins except the lawyer's. Cos they always get their cut!

I don't have to understand the tech stuff, the stats, nothing really. Onviously there are those out there that do, so I appreciate it was explained for that reason. It was still interesting reading. (Even just to confirm how technology has crashed through everything thing I used to think I knew)! I started in the DOS day's on computers, so I am so far behind, it's shameful, but hey my phone is hard enough to use & I buy 5 gig of data for $50 for my laptop as a treat! Don't sigh, attack cos one way or another, you are all stressed & at least frustrated or even angry. You don't like change or you do, whatever! It's still going ahead. Cos Anthony owns this site. He can do or not do whatever he wants.

I do understand how litigation can kill the best of intentions. Who wants to be sued? Any taker's out there? Geese people are suing for gene's now.

We all know Anthony. When he's on a mission, the job gets done. If you don't like it & you can't wait till the clock tick's over till 2nd May to see what happened. I think you need to take up another hobby or something.

I will have a look again in a few day's or week's, depending on my state of mind. I will try & learn to navigate around again.

I am amazed this thread has not been locked down.

Oh while you are tearing me apart, spare a thought for everyone who has not dumped on this upgrade before it's finished & consider all the people trawling through the site to remove copyright material, to save your asses, to save the site. That's a lot of work! If you don't think you have breached copyright, probably 10 or more have. But regardless do you want to keep the site or have it fall over the litigants ready to jump?

So I have lot's of problem's, I know. So do you all. Just step back & think. Change for the sake of it isn't great. But, it seems there are compelling reason's for them & even if there are none you all find irrelevant to you personally. It's still going to happen. It's not convenient, but when would it ever be?
Hey, just wait & see.

Ok, let the slashing begin ha!
Okay so toss this out if people don't like the idea or its difficult to do, puts pressure on the server etc. I've been thinking about the lack of colour/avatars thing as well as the gender identity issue and I wondered if it's possible to fill where the avatars were with block colours based on trophy points? Like a bronze/silver/gold type thing? Three images/icons/whatever as it is currently but makes the trophy points more visible and maybe gives members something they feel they can achieve through forum participation? Like I say, toss the idea out if nobody likes it!
As for background colour, I did play around with it, but honestly, the last 3 styles used white backgrounds
Possibly those who were uncomfortable with it used the option to go back to the old format? Will that option be coming back?
I find the colours contrast too strongly to be comfortable, and much preferred something less visually challenging.
I don't know if it linked to the strength of the white background, but I now find it hard to distinguish between bold for unread threads and normal font for viewed threads.
Just throwing this in as well, for members to use themselves is there are plenty of programs that can take the glare off screens and you honestly don't need to keep changing the screen settings for each webpage, just keep the yellowed/slightly reddish screen running. Either all the time or from a certain time. I use f.lux (sorry, I'm trying to inform not advertise) and I have it set to come on from sunset (hence the term sunset screen). Makes a world of difference. It's like nightshift on an iPhone for your computer.
:DI had a hard time letting go too but "it is what it is".

Patience is a virtue. It took me a long time, I'm 60 years old. Let Anthony do what Anthony does best. He doesn't complain or whine about it. That's vital.

Sending blessings...truly, hope to see you around the board. You will see when he's done that he knows what he's doing.

Peace and Blessings to ya.
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We have added 1000 to 2000 additional users per day relating last week to this week. That's how much performance matters, specifically for our majority demographic mobile user base. Posts average increase of 50 per day from last week to this week.

Making the site faster, simpler, easier, is doing exactly what it was intended to do -- and current results are nothing. I expect to see the real benefit in the coming months, as that is how long Google take to start awarding the benefits here in their results.

The end users win with fast, simple = more peer support happening.
We have added 1000 to 2000 additional users per day relating last week to this week.
I'm completely overwhelmed with those statistics... are you saying that due to the changes you now have between 7,000 - 14,000 new members in one week? That's staggering ... sad that so many people relate to PTSD, but great that they have support.
The stats are actually, 7 to 10k in one week, but yes. The maximum relation between weeks was 2k (day v day), most were 1k on average. Performance is everything for Google now. Google is everything for bringing users here which some convert to members = more peer support for everyone concerned.

The requests per page load and size of page, combined with server tweaks to process pages faster = better Google results.

I do not believe the last weeks results are much of anything yet. Google takes months to stabilise and present more steady results. The result will be more than this -- but time will tell.
As per change #15, I have now reflected the new premium features in the account upgrades page MyPTSD Community Member Upgrade Information and amended any pricing changes.

Premium members have a few new / upgrades features already, specifically:
  1. They can now lock / unlock their own threads from further replies by members (excl staff).
  2. You have 10Mb uploads to remove any issues from direct phone uploads. Images are modified during the upload process here to be made much smaller for loading.
  3. Premium only have 14 day edit / delete on their content.
I am looking at some new features for release in the coming weeks / months, but there is no point talking about those, because unless I can get them to do what I want them to, its a futile conversation. Wait and see for surprises.
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