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Rolling Update Changes - End 01 May 2017

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Taking all this onboard, this is why all user uploaded avatars are gone. That leaves the site with the default male, female and other icons (these will be male, female and other by weeks end). This changes a pages maximum of 80 avatar requests to 3 (resizing a single type avatar) for reuse.

Why bother with a grey gender other box then?

Survivor / Supporter makes more sense for sorting if that is helpful. Does gender matter? Not to me. What is relative in scrolling through posts?
And no, I have no idea how to go about that as an small data 'symbol". Would ad guest as a third.
Why bother with a grey gender other box then?
Yeah I don't especially like the gender thing (but then I'm non-binary so I don't think I can be non biased about that) I think it'd look better without anything, no box or suffer /supporter might be better.

As well maybe if the font for the name of the person who posted the thread was slightly different (size, boldness maybe?) it'd make it easier to read and see at a glance whats what. But then I'm also dyslexic and this could really be a total non issue for the majority.
But please stop shoving it down our throat right now

I'm not trying to

01 May is the deadline for me to have everything implemented.

After that, feel free to debate away.

Then I suppose I won't see anyone until may 1st as I cannot use the site the way it currently is. Its rough even finding my own diary. So I will just stay on my diary and refresh the page. And will shut up.

YES, even that!
Because avatars are a complicated beast to just remove. I can do it... but it removes both an easy way to express the gender of the person you're responding with + they link into profiles for easy access + they quickly show an overlay for you of anything you have responded upon.

Those are features that have relevance.
@anthony and @joeylittle you both have a huge job ahead of you. We see the results but not all the "behind the scenes" work.

I (we) may not like or agree with all the choices, but I do think you both should be recognized for the time and effort that goes into running and upgrading the site.

I don't understand half of the reasons given, but I'm glad someone else does.
So what I am getting from this is not to judge the site appearances right now because by May 1st it won't look like it currently does, right? I think people, including myself would feel a bit better if we could discuss an alternative to avatars. Even if avatars coming back are a firm know, if we thought there was a possibility of you considering alternatives to the gender icons, would help people feel better about it. Heck even adding more options to those such as a duck, rabbit or sheep might make people who feel uncomfortable with the gender display feel a bit better about the loss of avatars.

*firm no
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