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Round of Applause

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i have searched through the net for understanding or support and like others here i never found some where i could go and know that i would be heard...
thanks just doesn't seem enough for you anthony....
i am so grateful for connecting with a true spirit...
Yep... not much chance I will stop being me in a hurry Doobie. I like me just the way I am nowadays... maybe a bit rough round the edges, but a straight shooter who will tell it the way I see it.

Much appreciated.
All I know is, this is my first day here and I read a concern from someone about anxiety and it sounded just like me. I have been so lonely and afraid. People don't understand how it feels to be so different that you can't even talk about it. And when you do talk about it, they think your from outer space. So you finally get too scared and stop getting close to people.
I have to say thank you for me to have a place where others understand and don't push meds as a long term solution. I love having support to get off of them to face this, not the usual, they just have to get the dose right and you wil be all better. And the support while I go through withdrawals and the ups and downs in such a short period being here!
It is exactly as you intended, Anthony and Kerrie-Ann. I mean no disrepect to those in the military, as they have made this a known illness, but I can finally acknowledge that the abuse I suffered caused the same illness for me and others and it is equally as debilitating! Thank you for making this possible. An anonymous American with PTSD.
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