Support please - endoscopy fear


I re-iterated to the Doc that they talk to me about what they're doing before they do it once I'm in the procedure room and it's a good idea for everyone's safety if I'm unaware before they go anywhere near my throat.
This is a good thought. For medical examinations, I have got quite good at asking them to talk me through what they’re doing and to let me know when they’re going to touch me - and where - before they do so. Sounds like a good idea to still make that request even if I’ll be under sedation.

I don't remember anything, nor even much for a while after. When I started to regain awareness I was already dressed and my husband was there, it was a pleasant feeling for the rest of the day/evening and I went to bed early.
Reassuring to hear! I hope this is my experience too.

I know how difficult it is, and I'm sending you courage and strength. You got this!!

Thanks, I appreciate it!


@Friday I just met the anaesthetist and he seems very nice!

Consultant rushed in and out not interested in any conversation beyond a quick run down the list of risks, asking me to sign the consent form and then calling over his shoulder as he exited that it’s all very easy and I’ll be fine. I liked him during our phone consultant a few months ago. Not so keen today. Never mind…I get that he’s busy and in a rush…

Told nurse about ptsd, throat phobia and squeamishness about veins (so cannula stress!) and she was lovely. Said she’d try to get me earlier on the list so not so long to wait around and get anxious. But consultant said afterwards ‘We’ll see if we can re-jig the list but…’ and shrugged. So, I don’t know that that will happen.

Main thing though: I won’t be having a throat spray! So that’s very good. And I’m already feeling far less anxious knowing that.


I’ve been done! Now back in my room coming to.

Had a little accidental cry in pre-theatre room when they were doing cannula and putting oxygen thing up my nose etc. Nurse and anaesthetist were very kind about it. And, most importantly, although I had a little weep, I didn’t lose my shit!

No recollection of anything procedure-wise. Was already asleep before they wheeled me in to theatre!

Feel a bit emotional and vulnerable but glad it’s done and it went smoothly. Now just have to wait til I can have the cannula taken out, then go home and wait for results.

Thanks for the support and reassurance on this thread - very appreciated.


Nothing sinister found. Which is good, of course. But also frustrating because it doesn’t explain why I’m taking a quadruple dose of medication for the symptoms but still getting some symptoms. There is a surgery that can be done if the meds really aren’t going to be enough longer term, though consultant said it was a very last resort for this and when he talked me through what that surgery would mean (not the surgery itself but implications afterwards) it doesn’t sound like a road I want to go down. Definitely not at this point anyway.

So, I think it’s keep taking the tablets, cut out alcohol and lose some weight…