Death Talk To Me - The recent school shooting is creating a lot of negative feeling within me


The public school system in USA is being dismantled. The goal which the state has for a significant amount of the population is incarceration—and I’m sorry to say that in my state private prisons are one of the fastest growing industries. The easiest way to manage people and make maximum profit is privatization and consolidation of wealth. The people, or citizens, are on their own thanks to neoliberal economic policies which reduce security and increase precarity. Structural violence preys upon those without capital for supply and resources. This kind of event is a symptom of a society which withdraws sovereignty from individuals while paradoxically signifying capital-distributing businesses as private individuals.

I am also sorry to say that this system will not rest until it has colonized and consumed every other culture on Earth. USA is coming your way, by definition. And yet…

And yet… somehow, in refusal, the individual exists. You are allowed to name what you see. Rubbish. Garbage. The spectacle. Evil. And limitless iterations.

Yet you cannot refuse the good. You cannot erase it. You see the births. You see the growth. You cannot deny the existence of change. You cannot disavow the temporality of existence. Your agency is limited, yet even within those limits, you can carve out your perspective. And see those around you who negate those very things you signify as rubbish, garbage, the spectacle, evil. There is at least one person you know that negates those concepts. This is the thread. The thread of connection. Which provides hope.


It would cause much less damage if it were a hand gun and not a semi automatic. I am not anti gun.....however, this 18 yr old had this very lethal weapon to cause so much damage. I understand that he shot his grandmother in the face because she scolded him for his grades, and then went on to the school. Different scenario, but too many times the same pattern. Young angry person mad at someone and goes postal. We don't need these type of guns. I just dont think we do, unless of course we are under the belief that we are going to need to form some kind of group in the future.

The fact that we are on this forum is indicative of our own trauma, for many reasons. It is heartbreaking that these children have to be warned and have drills to learn how to protect themselves in the event this happens to them. They have to learn how to hide and to take cover. This in itself has got to be traumatic. This is just so unacceptable. We are training the victims rather than addressing the problem. This is absolutely heart breaking. My children are adults but I have grandchildren. Even if I didn't, I would feel the same. One relatives 7 year old boy cried and didn't want to attend school following this. He eventually said he was afraid of being shot.

Yes if someone wants to commit such evil acts, there are other methods. I just think our laxed laws are making it too easy.
Another thought that I keep having, is what is happening that we are creating such hateful youth here. I read one report that said that a study that was done said that 80% of these attacks were committed on children after they also attacked a female through domestic violence or other situation, indicating there is a strong hate for women as well.

Every comment here has shown important views and critical information. I think that the fact that the gun laws are getting more lenient is the most heartbreaking.