Tips for briefing family on what PTSD is


Communication to a family of origin that may be part of the past trauma scenario about a disability that is the often the result from such family trauma … I have found to be Circular Logic as well as self defeating. My family of origin was entrenched in their silent partnership, suppression or repression of some of those same events in order to function theirselves. Other members were not even aware that they had PTSD as well nor the psychological condition of the guilty parties that allowed such actions.

I found within this set of my drama/trauma, a simple statement of what I had and the value of my therapy to move forward was the right thing to do inorder to suggest, inspire, guide my younger siblings to a healthier position. They both went with various results. So it was more for them to heal than self-serving.

I am a second or third generation PTSD-er as my Dad was a purpleheart WWII Vet and a Native American where his family was forced onto the Rez where he was born. Combat fatigue, Shell Shock or PTSD was not recognized in the USA until well after. So symptoms were pretty unchecked or unassisted and sometimes became ‘normal’ daily family routines. I then transferred some of those family patterns within my own life… affecting my own child. He has GAD. I worked hard to undo patterns and placed therapy in his life and mine at a early age.

And still…those involved rarely understood wtf was happening. We can not prepare others for our mental landslides. We can attempt to communicate but it doesn’t always assist their fear of us when we go off the chain. My Son truly loves me but still he is cautious around my episodes or breaks (and I never have hurt him physically) but often the emotional scarring of watching us collapse is heartbreaking for others.

I share this because I found my breaking patterns of unhealthy choices of reactions (be it generational or current) far out ways my family or friends understanding my disability for actions speak louder than words.