Medical Uterine Biopsy Left Me With Ptsd And Alone...

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Ok I have to ask, are you saying that a medical procedure caused PTSD
So if you have been diagnosed with PTSD because of your medical trauma perhaps I could have gotten it when I passed a 6mm kidney stone,
It depends on what the kidney stone did to you, sir. Did the kidney stone assault you? Put you in a threatening position? Did you have a near death experience due to it??? Did the fact of having a kidney stone put you though a situation where someone abused you, made you feel you had no control over your own safety and body??

If so, I am very sorry, but such trauma may have caused/aided to your PTSD. If not, then let me know if I should continue the list, as there are other possible causes why such event could have cause you PTSD.

Another thing, I did accompany someone to have a biopsy done, she had it done on not on her uterus, but on the end of her vaginal path.

I heard the doctor and nurse say it could throw her body into shock, the procedure itself. That she could find herself fainting minutes after. And that she should take it easy on herself for a few days. So that day, I learned that females' reproductive system is far more intricate and life changing than I had ever thought.

So, now, I am scared to think how much more horrible it would be on the actual uterus, if her doctor and nurse were that concerned regarding having such procedure on the vaginal path..But, Lord, where are my manners? I should put this on a way that we, men, can perfectly understand.

So, Tony, imagine your physician, a nice Doctor named Richard, has you sit comfortably on the examination chair. Then he tells you, you are not ok. :( You have something that looks like cancer! You may die!! Life as you know may end - you are on your Physician's hands, he is to do everything to save you! He tells you, he needs to make a procedure - but you won't hurt. It is similar to the rectal prostate exams you had done all these years. You nod, he is your Doctor, he knows what he is doing, and his goal is to save your life

Dr. Richard studied all these years just for it to come to this point, for this goal, with this aim - your life, being saved! While you feel lost and scared, not even knowing what it all means, nor how to be saved - he does! He knows what you don't
As he tells you to relax and slightly open your legs, and the male nurse looks at you and nods, you completely lay back, and open your legs. This is it.

Then, as the nurse holds your body in place, Dr. Richard squeezes your already tender testicles. You feel air leave you, you exclaim in pain "wait a second, that hurts!" He looks at you, smiles and orders you to just breathe

You, in utter confusion, lost, not knowing what to think, still wanting to trust the person who swore to save your life, with pain irradiating into your gut, widen your eyes - trying to make sense of it: "breathe..I ..."

Dr. Richard then squeezes your testicles far more violently, and you hurl your body onto the examination chair, as if pain just vomited you out.

You yell "NO!!! NO!!!! AHH.. STOP!!! S-stop.... I can't... I need to stop"

Dr. Richard does a half smile as if you were a pansy, and says "Oh.. you can do this..." now changing his expression, looking down on you as if you were ridiculous. He then proceeds to hitting your testicles, in full force, with a closed fist, over and over again, as if the procedure was to turn your testicles into an irreconcilable pulp.
Pain or not, you can't believe this - this is impossible! This person is supposed to take care of you, to be someone you trust, who knows best, your faith was in him, and suddenly.. You were turned into a nothing. Your words, meant nothing! Your pain, was seen as a joke.. Your fear.. Your fear. How could the intense fear and panic you were feeling, turn into anything more than the rest of these other feelings.. ....? You realize, you are powerless. You.... have no control whatsoever over what happens

You pretty much blank out, without even realizing it.

Next thing you know, you are gazing into the infinity, with the Doctor taking off his gloves, with a slightly repulsed expression. He tells you to get up, get dressed, and go home. (.."home.... ...." ) That thought floats in your brain, it seems to be turned off: thinking, does not seem to be quite happening. Not exactly. You try to feel the chair, to get a grip, not sure how one does sit, how that went, it seems to elude you.
As you struggle to sit, you notice you are bleeding.

You look at your clothes, gazing at them, gazing back at your scrotum dripping blood down the chair's leathery pvc - ("'ll be...bloody...... " ) - you gaze back at the clothes that belong to a "You" whom you no longer recognize. The sudden noise of the door opening makes you shudder and direct your attention to it

"You are still here?" says a very unbelieving Dr. Richard, as if he was shocked at how you daringly «didn't scram yet, as ordered»

You, shakily, blurb out a "...I'm...bleedi- - -in' ...m-my..clothes..will.. d-dirty... I.. ..." and pant feeling lightheaded. He looks at you, shaking his head, scoffing, and throws a band-aid to the top of the counter. Then, he leaves the office, laughing at your imbecility quite loudly.

May I ask you, what is the most destroying part? The physical pain? Is that it? Do you "get the rest"? If so, I am glad.

Now you can be proud to say that "yes, one can get PTSD on/after a traumatizing testicular procedure." Or, in this case, uterine biopsy. Or, any procedure. PTSD is about what provokes big trauma within the victim. I hope that the pain that you missed to notice on her description of her very traumatic event, does not miss you this time, on my "more male-oriented" description. Maybe your lack of empathy was merely gender-biased; and hopefully, only this one time.

Take care, and stay well;
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Okay, this thread is old, and I normally wouldn't respond, but I have to just say that the above post by @LostGentleman is f*cking amazing. Somehow I didn't catch this thread when it was initially posted. I cannot imagine that poor woman's pain. What she went through may have been a medical procedure, but to me, her experience reads as being raped by a doctor under the guise of medical care. That is coming from someone who has been raped in a completely non-medical fashion. People do get traumatized from medical procedures, but this tops them for me on the nightmare chart.

F*ck me. I already have massive, massive problems allowing someone to examine me. Now I know if someone says they have to do this, I may as well just run unless they agree to 100% sedate me into oblivion.


depends on what the kidney stone did to you, sir. Did the kidney stone assault you? Put you in a threatening position? Did you have a near death experience due to it??? Did the fact of having a kidney stone put you though a situation where someone abused you, made you feel you had no control over your own safety and body??

If so, I am very sorry, but such trauma may have caused/aided to your PTSD. If not, then let me know if I should continue the list, as there are other possible causes why such event could have cause you PTSD.
As a general rule we do not compare or judge one another's trauma. While I do not think it is your intent, your statements could be perceived as condescending, and belittling. Tony g had a traumatic experience that he is dealing with, and I think we should be careful how we question his, or anyone else's trauma.


I have been reading stories of women who have gone through what I have. On one hand it makes me feel less alone....

Long story short, you have a basis for a lawsuit there, no doubt about it. I have never ever heard of such obvious disregard towards a patient before in my life. When I read your story I could not even believe it. That woman should be out of a job, just imagine to how many others she will do the same thing?


@ Tony, you could have? But in this particular case, the OP was treated with utter, sadistic callousne...

Thank you so much for your explanation, it helps me in realizing some facts from my situation as well. Betrayal by an authority figure: being betrayed by criminal justice people, whom I had reported a crime to, who then turned around to violate me mentally and to aggressively assault me to this day. Yep, that is what I would call getting betrayed by an authority figure, a person who we turn to in help, who in turn violates us and our rights to justice.

Now I know that this same betrayal contributed to my PTSD. Sometimes you need to read a different version to understand your own situation.
Thanks again


I already had PTSD but didn't know it at the time I had to go out of town and get "endometrial biop... name is Lisa and i just went through the same exact thing 3 days ago and I am still crying and I have to thank you for your post. I feel like I was gang raped and I think it will affect me forever. Thank you for this post as I don't feel so alone in this. I am also traumatized.
I just ... I remember refusing to reply to this thread the first time around.

I’ve had a uterine biopsy. Two Motrin is standard. It hurts. It took my breath away, made me dizzy, made me panic.

I’ve also been raped. Multiple times.

To conflate the two? Utter ridiculous crap. They are not the same. PTSD from rape? Totally possible. Uterine biopsy? Uncomfortable, awful, but it isn’t the same. And to equate it with gang rape? I just can’t even.

And okay, I might be projecting. Just looked back and didn’t see a reference to gang rape. But still. I just can’t even.
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@theshadowoftheliving it depends on the individual person and what they experienced as to whether it caused PTSD, one size doesn't fit all.

For me, I had four medical conditions, three life threatening, and one where I nearly lost my eyesight, which my current T says caused PTSD in addition to my childhood abuse causing PTSD. My T stated that if you felt helplessness and/or hopelessness it could cause PTSD and again it depends on the individual person.


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I have been reading stories of women who have gone through what I have. On one hand it makes me feel less alone....
Sorry you had to go through that! I too, fear dealing with gynecologists. I've had two uterine biopsies. The first doctor was willing to wait and do another ultrasound and when my uterine lining got even thicker, I reluctantly agreed. After reading about all the bad and painful experiences women have had, I worked myself up into a tizzy. Since I can't take NSAIDs due to stomach problems, the doctor had prescribed Tylenol with codeine which I took when I arrived at her office. The receptionist told me that my was earlier and I'd missed it. I pulled out the appointment card that showed I was at the right time. They made me wait for hours until the doctor finished seeing all her pregnant patients and I was the only patient left. The doctor told me there was about to be some pinching, but I didn't feel it at all! I was lucky!

That doctor left the practice and the next one wanted to a scope and I said, "not now." He put me on provera in the meantime and then he too, left that office. The next doctor was nice but took me off of provera after I started spotting as he thought my cycle was trying to reassert itself. Then my periods became super heavy again and anemia returned. The nice doctor moved away. The next one wouldn't put me back on provera unless I agreed to getting a scope and a D & C. I refused but agreed to a different type of ultrasound. I never received an authorization for that and in the meantime, that office stopped accepting my insurance.

I tried to get into a fibroid research study next. (I don't get very anxious participating in studies because I feel like those are the best doctors and everyone there appreciates the patient AND you get paid for your trouble.) As part of the screening, I had to have a PAP and a biopsy. That one also didn't hurt, but I bled for 5 days after.
In 2015 I posted about this. Now I wanted to come back and give you an update. After a lot of hard work in therapy and EMDR.... I was finally able to go back to the Dr. It took 3 years! But in 2016 I did. It was hard. I found understanding doctors and my husband went with me. I got through an GYN exam! It didn't kill me! Then, in 2019 my Dr and I found that my fibroids were back and normally he would have done a uterine biopsy. He didn't even suggest it. We talked about my options and he agreed given my medical history and severe period/uterine symptoms, abundance of estrogen and other risk factors, a hysterectomy was an option and he would do the biopsy with the surgery to spare me the trauma and pain. So, the day before my 39th birthday, I had a total hysterectomy. I went home on my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! I cancelled my monthly subscription! Let me say that I am so happy we did it! A biopsy done at the time of my surgery found uterine cancer stage 1. I used to say it would be better to die of cancer than deal with my GYN issues. I was so lucky! The EMDR, the therapy, the hot flashes are all worth it! I am glad I didn't die of cancer! I still struggle with and hate going to the Dr's office because of what I experienced, but it's manageable! I would like to encourage anyone with PTSD, anxiety, depression or any mental health related concern to seek counseling! Try EMDR! at least look into it! Thank you to everyone who responded to my original post and I appreciate the courage it took for you to reach out!
To answer some of the questions from the last time:
Yes, I have PTSD from a medical procedure. Yes, it can be compared to rape and even gang rape as there are often more than one or two people present at the time of the assault. Yes. passing kidney stones can be traumatic. You can have a trauma or stressor related disorder and not have PTSD (for more on that, ask you counselor- it's in the DSM-5). Trauma isn't about what someone else's definition of trauma is or how another person experienced the same event you did (for example in the same car in an accident). Trauma is about your experience and your memory. There are all kinds of traumas, big and little. Trauma can be and usually is a very personal thing. I am now a licensed therapist and I know of what I speak. I hope whoever out there needs to hear this, finds this. Have courage, there is hope, you can do this! You can get the help you need.
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