What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)


Total success! Bread free gazpacho

I blended -

1 cucumber ( peeled)
About 14 excellent flavoured tomatoes
3 Scallions
3 cloves Raw garlic
Splash of Sherry Vinegar
A green pepper
A handful of basil
And whizzed in the blender.

I thought - no way will it work without the bread crumbs - and it might be the nicest gazpacho I ever ate! The two of us loved it and are regretting I didn’t order peppers in the shopping this week because we want it every day now


I want sausage rolls!!! Aaaargh.

BIT difficult to make them without any puff pastry or sausage :roflmao: Shopping on the 11th. Huzzah. Haven’t had the suckers in years & years, although they used to be effing staples...so I have no idea where the craving came from, but darn it. Sausage rolls shall be had.

I ♥️ Aussie Puff Pastry

Now the only decision is Classic vs BBQ, Steak&Horseradish, Guinness, Habanero, Hawaiian, etc.

Crap. Now I want sausage rolls AND gyoza. :banghead: At least I can buy wicked good frozen gyoza. :rolleyes: Appears my cravings have decided it’s lawn party time. Next up? Probably bruschetta, or grilled polenta, or some such. Sigh. Stupid cravings. Still. The sausage roll cravings are clearly head and shoulders above the rest. So if I’m only making one thing? It’s soooooo that one! Mmmmm.

Anyone have a fave sausage roll recipe?
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Been on a cooking frenzy, gearing up for work, which I leave for next week. Have some peruvian chicken marinaded and frozen, two different kinds of bean soup bases made, all I have to do is add water, using those Knorr stock pots, today will be some black bean soup. I am going to make a vegetarian version, my daughter is having her wisdom teeth out next week, so I can mush that up quite nicely for her, and I will still have some for the north. Might cook my portion with a ham bone for me. Also making sega wat - Ethiopian spiced beef. Made the spiced butter, I will make the sauce today, brown the beef, freeze them together, then add the broth and whatever other required liquids once in the Great White North. We have to self isolate for two weeks prior to shipping out, so it has been a snooze fest except for the cooking. At least the condo smells great!


Steak-Stuffed Portobello with Creamy Poblano Sauce

This ^^^ With the minor variations of I soooooo do not trust beautifully MedRare steak (I used flatiron) sliced & cubed up not to cook to well done if baked in an oven for 15 minutes purely for the sake of melting cheese. So f*ck that. Running it under the broiler for 45 seconds to melt the cheese on the ones that have cheese on them. Also just used a square of pepper jack melted over the top, rather than shredded cheese mixed in.
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Happy Accident - Artichoke “lemon butter” dipping sauce.

I’ve been trying to find a dairy-free dipping sauce for artichokes for years and years now, with no such luck. Vegan butters all create this round, sweet, ghastly oily feeling... instead of zing & joy... no matter how much lemon & prayer I add. Then I ran out of ginger-garlic paste, set out to make a new batch for some tandoori I’m planning on... barked my knuckles on the ginger grater, said Phuket (what I already had was enough for tomorrow, I’d batch up the rest some other time), and started adding a few things to it for the marinade. But partway through that? Was hit by a fit of laziness & decided to quit for the night halfway through... and voila. Added the lemon juice to what I had, just to make sure I had enough for what I needed... and something magical (okay, science, emulsification) happened. Creamy, buttery, zesty, salty (no salt has been added, IDFK why that’s hitting) tastes amaaaaaaaazingly like artichoke lemon butter??? Zing AND Joy. Hot dayum. Happy accident.

Stirring with each addition
Equal Parts > Finely Grated/ Puréed Yellow Ginger & Crushed Garlic
Splash of water
Dollup of dried English mustard
Equal volume (to above) sunflower oil
BIG squeeze of lemon juice until ^^^^ goes creamy

I’m going to be playing around with the above (Straining through a fine sieve, adding vegan mayo, etc.) for various effects hot & cold ((I am thrilled down to my fingertips for a hot artichoke dip I’ve been craving since I quite dairy)). But half so I don’t forget, and half because sharing is the nice thing to do... wanted to get this written down.