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What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)

@Friday -inspired elote—what a treat! Filing this one in top foods. And you know? One time I tried elote in a cup from a food truck. After eating it tonight (first time making it 😁) I understand why the food truck did it that way—easier to eat while walking and the flavors can be evenly distributed. But… there’s something about adventurous food that makes it even better. And with the elote, I had three toppings: the mayo sauce, the crema, and the cheese, that had to all balance while I type-writered my way across the cob—plus it was hot and I had no spears. So the uncertainty of whether I would succeed, combined with the bomb-ass flavors made the experience a pleasure explosion!!

I liked the contrast of the hot charred corn with the cool toppings. And how I had to eat fast before the cheese fell off—so there was a sense of commitment for each row of chomping, which made it fun and satisfying! Had agua de Jamaica with it. Ate two, and would have eaten a third but didn’t want to saturate my brain with the flavor, wanted to keep myself wanting more.

Here’s my version:
Shucked the corn then soaked it in cold water for a couple hours. Broiled until golden-y, burn-y—turning as needed. (Can definitely see the advantage to grilling if possible!)

Sauce: mayo, chili powder, garlic powder, lime juice, and epazote.
Crema Mexicana, which is like pourable sour cream.
Crumbled casera, which is moister and a little less salty than cotija.

10/10 ⭐️—borderline spiritual experience—perfect solstice food.
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For a snack I had charred Brussels sprouts with crumbled cheese. I tossed the troll cabbages in vinaigrette, added herb salt, burned ‘em under the broiler, then put Mexican crumble cheese on the top.

While eating I imagined opening a food truck called “Burnt Veggies”—can’t imagine any veggie that doesn’t sing when scorched! And a fool proof method seems to be burn, cut the bitter char with acid, then spread the flavor with fat.
Tian aux courgettes from the same cookbook

500g slim Courgettes halved and sliced. Put them in a heavy sauce pan with 1 tbsp olive oil, on a high heat, refining to medium low heat and put a lid on. Stir every 5 mins for 15.

Pour them out to a small glass dish. Mix in 1 tbsp single cream, half ounce gruyere, some herbs - I used oregano and some nutmeg.

Top with another half ounce of gruyere and put in oven at 200f for 25 minutes.

Ate with leftover kofte
Going to make a 5-minute meal: Angel Hair with Lemon Herb sauce

To cooked angel hair pasta add butter, lemon juice, Italian-ish herbs, and Parmesan. I have no Parmesan so will be using Nutritional Yeast—we’ll see how it goes! I think I’ll switch out the butter for olive oil to go full vegan.
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