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Working more hours short-term or keeping balance and hoping?

Okay, I am putting the question out here, because it's something that trips me up sometimes and I end up freezing. And doing nothing instead.

Here it goes. I am currently jobless and surviving off gigs, and had my laptop fail on me so working on old one.
I was already hoping to spend some time divided by working on an online shop, selling art on the side and being virtual assistant while I apply locally.

Then I calculated my expenses and debts due (all of which were already due but postponed with my laptop failing).
Even if I started a job tomorrow full-time here, or in my home country, I'd still not make it. I would make 50%, max, and that is working a full-time week. Given transition time, magical moving anywhere else is excluded from the equation.

So here are my options:
a. Use my initial predictions on what I can make from the 4 job options (local, virtual, art, online store) and to make the amount I NEED- work 50-60h per week
b. Work 40h per week and research as much as I can how to optimize and increase my earnings in the areas that can (*art-make portfolio based on the higher paying jobs people seek, online store- promote to the right places, figure out higher paying items, make bundles and discounts etc.)
+ add NON-DISPUTE 30min-1h for mental health daily

pre-existing values: - current mental health may not take kindly even to 40h/week after depression time
- all mentioned jobs have been worked before
- Some of what I haven't been brave enough to pursue I have done extensive research for years hoping to be brave enough to do it
- Current economic climate both online and offline isn't great (another reason to make more)
- Chosing option A risks burning out in few months
-Chosing option B risks not making enough
-There isn't much to be reduced in my living, already reduced and there are health issues waiting even
-doing nothing would be the WORST option, but I am still not sure how brave I am, but not doing anything, or loans, not an option
-I'll try block schedule and use the ai therapist to create goals whichever option I choose, but I feel too short-sided to make that decision

Any opinions? Besides the obvious 'how did you get yourself into this' which is fair question with way too lengthy answer.
I have once in my life worked 16h days and that was 10 years ago when I was young (and even then it was a feat).
In 2021 I managed about 2 months on a job where I never knew if I would work 8h or 12h, I believe the record was 13. It was sometimes kitchen work and sometimes cleaning, when it was more of the second I needed painkillers for my back issues. The not-knowing how many hours I'm working was almost as bad because of my anxiety. Those 2 months it felt like I was capable of anything, but also like my brain was mush and I needed to add simple tasks to notes on my phone so I don't forget. I have had times of putting laundry at night and falling asleep before it was done until the morning. Not fun.