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News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

I've lost touch with the infection rates in Australia. I think it's being steadily maintained and or on a downward trend in most States and Victoria appears to be coming out of it's 'second wave' infection event but also the testing rate is dropping too. So not sure if there's a chicken and egg puzzle happening there or not.

We've got about 40,000 Australians residing over-seas who wish to be repatriated home to Australia and that's going to be a big problem because they all must undergo quarantine. Most States still have the hotel quarantine program running I think and they've capped how many ppl they are prepared to receive creating a bottle-neck. So glad I'm not one of them.

I read that the Oxford vaccine trial, after being paused due to a possible severe adverse medical event by one of the participants, is now back on track. Not sure what the committee (independent) found. It could be that it was determined the participant had received a placebo because these clinical trails are double blind. If that happened the medical event could not be related to receiving the vaccine. Whatever happened, the trial has been resumed. There are now news reports that this same vaccine is going to be produced and made available to the Australian public in the first half of 2021. Idk what I think of that particular report.
biggest spike here we have had since the pandemic started.
^The 'second wave' is always known as being far more serious than the initial outbreak. I really don't know why but it seems to be true. Stay well and very glad you turned down the job.

Second waves apparently hang around a lot longer too.. so a few weeks may not have been long enough to sit it out before commencing that job anyway.
oops I meant to post this the other day, I don't know what went happened but it still applies.
I read that the Oxford vaccine trial, after being paused due to a possible severe adverse medical event by one of the participants, is now back on track. Not sure what the committee (independent) found.
They determined it was an unrelated condition, they just had to check because of the severity of this one person. I'm hoping they got back on track faster than they would have in the past.

Northeast U.S. is opening up a bit. The atmosphere and suspicion "nerve of other people out in my space" that I kept picking up on, seems to be lessened. More people around and about. But no one here pushes their masks down anymore, not at all in public - I imagine that has helped us. Also more people stayed home during a heat wave.

I'm afraid that soon, maybe when they attempt to open up some socially-distanced restaurants in a week or two, we'll have another one of those waves of illness. You can't eat or drink while in public as it is now, that's how strict people have been with masks indoors. So maybe people will think, if they are opening restaurants, they don't have to worry so much in general, in other spaces? And then we would have a surge. (Yes this is me trying to predict, not just the course of the mystery disease, but also the psyche of those I live among!)
B and I went to a hospital today for his inpatient appointment and everyone was wearing masks. There was social distancing, it was well done. Everything was being cleaned, there was sanitiser and anyone turning up without a mask was given one. It was a relief. I had faith that things were being done reasonably well. No one can be perfect but it was good.

I had to go to emergency 3-4 weeks ago for an eye injury and they weren't that organised and I didn't see the doctor wash hands between patients so I was scared. I don't trust that hospital. So B was with me in a mask, (so was I) waiting outside but we discussed it and we quarantined from each other at home. Quarantine at home is hard - we are lucky extra bathrooms and bedrooms so we slept apart, ate apart, wore masks at all times, had cross drafts throughout the house, did all the cleaning for 2 weeks and then I got a slight cold so we continued being apart for another week. I got tested and results the same day - negative. Most relieved.

We are super cautious. I really can see why they quarantine folks apart from family and friends, it's so hard to be that disciplined. I was really annoyed and exhausted by the end of the process. I felt cranky at how much effort I had to continually put in to keep everything clean. Then I felt grateful to be in the position to be able to take the best care of B that I could. It was mixed emotions. Sometimes it was just easier to stay at the other end of the house. It was really worth doing and it made me even better at wearing masks and not using my phone so I didn't cross contaminate but it was challenging.

I can see why folks get really stressed about it all.
There are people that have been protesting in front of a woman's center by my apartment against abortion and have been for like a year or more. I drive by them today and none of them are wearing masks nor social distancing! Like, f*ck man! So frustrating! People are dying!

Went to the pain dr today and they take your temp with a gun pointed at your forehead (but not touching you) and he got 100.1. Scared the f*ck out of me. I hardly ever get a fever and I felt fine. I think its my breath coming up from my mask. He took it again like 10 mins later and it was 99 point something. That allowed me to be seen but then I go home and take it with an oral thermometer and its 97.7. My body temp is always lower then normal. Either theirs is off and hotter from my breath coming up from the mask as I thought or my thermometer is off. I took it 5 times without eating or drinking anything to effect it. Like, almost wasn't able to be seen because of that. They need a better temp taking thing. Like point it somewhere else on my body or something. Not sure why it has to be on the forehead but there has to be a better system.
Not sure why it has to be on the forehead but there has to be a better system.
The really really sad thing is that there is NOT a better system. 98.6 degrees / 37 celsius was established as "average" in 1851. And they were not using these distance thermometer things!
There's one good way you can really figure out your own normal temperature, and that's if you track and use the same method at the same time every day.
Edit: sorry this isn't actually news but it seems relevant anyway,
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