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You Know You Have PTSD When...

- your idea of going out for coffee is heading through the drive through.

-shopping trips are more like torture sessions where you plan ahead to try to survive.

-all freinds and family (which are so few) have a special language used only for you.

-anyone trying to wake you up does so with a big stick and runs like hell.

-you consider good human contact as having an object between you and them and they can't get near you.

- your house is locked down tighter than Fort Knox.
I keep checking for more updates. You guys are GOOD! These are so ON, plus wow is it great to be able to have a laugh at the expense of PTSD. Makes the darn thing less intimidating for 5 minutes.Wish I could come up with some but for now am SO enjoying the fruits of all your wits!
Hee! Not long ago I had to get rid of a perfectly good can-opener because the daily struggle with it was just becoming ridiculous.
I have one.
You know you have PTSD when you buy 10 of everything so you can always find at least one.
That's true, too! The daily confusion/frustration/anxiety/self-loathing of missing items is too exhausting. I cope by buying ( seriously) like 10 hairbrushes, house keys, scissors, pens, rulers, hairspray- anything that is going to dissolve into thin air and ruin a good part of the day.
I hope someone puts all these posts together. It's a very cool thread to point new members too because it's completely serious with a lot of information but also lets us laugh a little.Nice in a day when the hair brush has dissolved again.
Thanks all who have added to this!
-When Terminator 2 is your favorite feel good family movie.
-When you discover a wonderful paper on psyops next to your fourth grade report card.
-When you can explain why each family member's suicide plan is flawed but don't correct them.
-When your closest childhood friend was a social worker.
-When you find diagrams of bullet traps and instructions on how to make napalm written in crayon.
-When you clearly know more about the flaws of water boarding then the last president.
-When your grade school book reports are on domestic violence.
:rofl:OMG! Keep'em coming! I'm splitting a gut laughing as I see myself in so many of these!

When you take the laundry out of the dryer, throw it in a basket, go to pee and when you come back you stick the same load back in the washer.

When you are trying to drive out of town and you keep getting confused and ending up back at home.

When you try to tune the radio you hear in your head,