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You Know You Have PTSD When...

***Walk into the kitchen to cook dinner, turn around three or four times with no memory of why you came into this room and you walk back into the livingroom. Then your partner/spouse/child said 'I thought you said you were going to cook dinner' and only THEN do you remember why you walked into the kitchen.

***Repeatedly ask someone the same question, get the same answer and still don't remember asking the same damned question four times. My daughter has asked me how many times I'm going to ask the same question/get the same answer. I told her as many times as it takes to stick in my whacked-out brain!

When the phone ringing is the signal for you to leave the room, and then you notice the dam dog is starting to do it too.

The poor dog-I must react so strongly to the phone ringing that he's now Pavlof's dog. Just the phone going off makes the poor old guy leap up and leave the room. Must be what I look like! :)
Oh, this was a good one, LoveWins, "When the phone is ringing, the call display shows it is someone you really want to talk to, but you don't pick up, you just stand there looking at it, frozen."

What is that?? I do this pretty often. I'll even call the person right back! It's almost like I've got to....get my game face on or something.

Oh I do that too!! Even at work where I don't have the choice to answer or not. I'll see it's my boss (whom I have no trouble talking to) and will be completely unable to answer. I think it was just me.. I like that Dylan...getting your game face on. Lol...one moment please while I prepare to engage...