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A thread for scientific nerdiness

In a totally another style... Could finance quirks be called science?

I would say noooooo-BUT (IE sometimes/often even, as scientific models are used IN finance, in countless different ways, and from very nearly every scientific field).

I’d argue that finance in and of itself is very nearly the opposite of science... much like law... as everything exists by agreement, rather than by fact.

It’s still a badass article; a real time argument that must have existed in nearly identical form back when music was being first licensed. How can anyone own the sounds in the air??? Anyone can listen for free, play for free, why would anyone pay money for something you cannot hold and everyone else has unrestricted access to? A painting, a sculpture, a textile... you can hold those in your hand. But how does someone hold a sound? And why would owning a sound make it somehow more special than every other identical sound? And how can a song written by one person be credited to another? Beethoven's 5th, isn’t Steve Job’s 5th, no matter how much money changes hands. Unless Beethoven wrote it today, and it was either sold, or “never” his because it was a work product owned by the company.
as everything exists by agreement, rather than by fact.
This is what bugs me so much! It hurts the brain! And there are mathematical models to represent these agreements and manage them. Especially in computer systems and peer to peer / blockchain situations. Then you kinda cross science with agreements. I quite enjoy when things reach this borderline space between extreme abstraction and actually concrete results. Here we reach the borders of property… Property is nothing less than a complete agreement. Everyone agrees you’re owning that raindeer and that house and that note of paper with 50 written on it. But they could also decide otherwise.

So for now these NFTs are a bit of a joke, but actually they are a way to embed property in the technology… like a holographic security print. Again, it demands social agreement but traceable values might be a true game changer… now it’s too soon, but let’s say in 5-10 years.

Ever since my exHusband tried to see if he could break the floor with my head (my head lost, the floor remained undamaged 😉) I have difficulty with numbers. First havin to relearn them entirely (what’s your pain at? On a scale from flip flop to stalactite? Ummmm.... 😱 IDFK???) and then a whole helluva lot of ongoing cognitive therapies to keep them active. So I have no idea “when” these critters (big dayum critters) existed in relation to other extinct and living things. But I’m still quite chuffed, that at some point? They did. For roughly 25 million years. In the sunny tropical Tibet and Middle East. How effing cool is that?


w'oops, soorry! 😳😳

Two be honest, I wouldn't even know what to write as I found it rather self-explanatory 🙈 Just wanted to share it, in case someone found it interesting, not necessarily start a discussion

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We now return to things that go bang, involve blood/sweat/tears/head tilting “huh, that’s weird”, or promise to unlock the mysteries of the universe! 💕
Iceland Reykjanes peninsula eruption v.2023 has started, after ~3000 earthquakes over the weekend. NE of the 2022 & 2021 eruptions, SE of Keilir at Litli-Hrutur. The initial fissure was ~1km long with multiple vents, but after 12 hours it seems to be consolidating in the middle. Lava flow mostly to the south, with a large valley just waiting for a facelift. Lots of off-gassing with this one, so it's closed to tourists, for now.

The 1 weekend I don't check..... and I miss the start of an eruption 🙄