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A thread for scientific nerdiness

Yes! It's waaaaaaaaaay cool and the press is - expectedly - abuzz about it - of course twisting it in all kinds of attention-grabbing ways. A friend of mine is an astronomer and she made a really good post about that. It's also something we have to be super careful about in my field. We're always working on the border of having to consider climate change ... so we often say something along the lines of "observation x might be due to observation y that might be linked to climate change" which the press takes and RUUUUUUUUUNS ... "expert siniang can be cited saying that climate change caused observation x" (noooo! dammit, that's not what we said!). Even when we know climate change is the culprit...it becomes poiltical sooooo fast and we gotta be super careful.

But hey! It was found using one of our Hawaiian telecopes!

Next up are the "killer killer whales" ... the press really loves their over the top headlines. :rolleyes:
Hey thanks @ladee , I hope you and your friend will find some enjoyment in this thread!:happy:
Yeah that fact was one of my favourites I learnt in university last semester (and then of course we had to learn how you fit 2 metres into 2 micrometers.. which I won't bore you with the details lol but it's the kind of thing that makes you go woah, and makes your head spin at the same time:p )
Whales may hold the clue to cancer treatment

Madame Pele wanted a skiing weekend.

Sounds like the fissure eruption is setting everyone’s minds at ease, who have been worried about Iceland going the way of Atlantis.
Madame Pele wanted a skiing weekend.

This is exactly what one of my local friends posted in her stories the other day 😍 😂 Not that we haven't had any snow in Hawaiʻi this winter ... 😉 Maybe she's just fed up with all the US drama or she wanted to go skiing without being pestered by her sister (who could blame her?)

Iceland eruptions always have me curious whether or not they'll ground all air traffic yet again 😁 Guess it's a good thing we're all still in a pandemic 😝

In other news, the ring of fire has also been pretty active -- good thing the Pacific Tsunami buoy system had been down for several days last week. Lots of tectonic activity allover the world. The scientist in me marvels at it.