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A thread for scientific nerdiness

A Q. For all of you. I have a brown recluse spider in my house. Any suggestions as to how to get rid of it? I know that if it bites me, its bite is very dangerous. I would need medical attention immediately. I heard from a friend ages ago they like warmth, but so do I!
Last I saw it, it was in my kitchen, on the fridge door. I looked for something to swat it with and it was gone when I looked back there seconds later.
As usual, our building manager's voicemail box is full. Pest control comes once per month, I think this coming Wednesday. I will be home, but I will have to cancel a Dr.'s appointment to do so. Arrrugh!
@beeapp ...7 day Thread ban.

As @Ronin said, science is not contrary to religion and spirituality. How & Why are 2 entirely seperate questions. Religion attempts to answer Why. Science attempts to answer How. Which is what this thread is about. Science.

There are several other threads that go into why, using various and varied formats... please feel free to hit up any of them. Off the top of my head?

Earth-centered Spirituality: Pagan, Wiccan, Druid, Native American, Other

Astrology & Other Esoterics
The only interesting fact I heard last month t was that we had two moons for a brief period of time. I missed it last month....by one day. Anyone else see our second moon? I think it is here till April...that's my contribution....but two moons....very cool.

Oh, yeah....and eat spelt (an old world grain) in your pizza crust....you get more protein in your diet....a health thing. I always use 1/2 spelt....with bread flower...haven't had the courage to go all the way with spelt flour. Spelt angel hair pasta is good, too.
While researching how make my own face mask (b/c you can't find any here, and something is better than nothing), I came across these:

Pandemic DIY face mask fail

the "double D"

the "water bottle darth vader"

ummmm... lettuce????

and for kitty too

FYI to make a face mask more effective than ^^^^^^, find a design with a pocket that allows for a removable "filter" of some kind. Use "poly" non-woven fabric for the mask (20-25gsm). Filter options include non-woven materials, kleenex, diaper material, tampon material, etc. It's not as good as an N100/N95 or a surgical mask, but something is more effective than nothing. And since we are pre-lockdown here but mostly self-isolating, constructing this will pass some time.
I'm a volcano nut, I freely admit it. Anak Krakatau had an eruption yesterday, and I was curious to compare 2018 pre-collapse, 2018/2019 post-collapse, and yesterday. I found some really interesting videos

eruptions the day before and the day after the collapse

post-collapse, 3/4 of the volcano is gone

simulation of the collapse and tsunami

yesterday's eruption

It's amazing how much height the volcano created from the collapse on Dec.22/18 to the recent eruption. That pinch in the subduction zone is supercharging this volcano.

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