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ABC's have me feeling like a;ldkjafldsjf


New Here
Is anyone else lost with all the therapy homework? I'd like to consider myself intelligent, but I struggle with doing these worksheets. Trying to identify the activating event...maybe it's my horrible coping mechanism...but it just seems like I can't come up with ANYTHING even though I struggle daily. It's almost like I block everything out. Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice?
hello john. welcome to the forum.

i'm not a big fan of advice-giving, but i'll gladly share my strictly personal, just-a-patient experience with you. my 165 IQ was fairly well liquidated with the a;ldkjafldsjf of untangling the emotional snot knots of my ptsd. those standardized tests work far more easily for logical subjects such as the math and engineering in which i am gifted. i bet i'd test as a moron on an emotional IQ test. with considerable practice, i have gotten far more adept at navigating psychobabble, but i still fail to anything so logical as, "ABC" inside of any of that psychobabble and even less in the ptsd psychoses(pl) that keep on happening no matter how much logic i throw at them. i had and still have to take many leaps of faith to make those goofy exercises work for me.

that therapy homework still throws me for a loop and i still have to take many leaps of faith to work them, but i think the gain has proven worthy of the pain. what does logic have to do with humanity's inhumanity to humanity?

since you asked for advice, i reckon my advice would be to take the leap of faith. a;ldkjafldsjf will work if you work it.