Other Anyone else have comorbid disorders that made drs "discount" your trauma?


I have the opposite. My psychiatrist doesn't believe in my autism/Aspergers coz, she says, all my symptoms could be attributed to complex childhood and adult trauma, which she diagnosed me with. But she's a trauma specialist and knows Sweet FA about Aspergers/Autism.

It's frustrating coz I KNOW I'm on the spectrum, but it costs more than I can afford, at this point, and my gp was like "Why pay all that money for something you already know?"

Well, I've figured out that getting my right diagnosis, will open doors to appropriate treatment, so I guess there is merit to being listened to and taken seriously, when there's a co morb situation.

Being a female, it's been a long haul, getting good info about how Aspergers/Autism presents in my XX genetic sitch, which has made a lot of us overlooked, as we often fly under the radar coz we try too damn hard to blend in.

It doesn't work, but lots of us are quieter, than many of our male counterparts, about how much we are socially struggling. That's my experience, anyway.

I hid in books. And was very, very, quiet, for the most part.
Oh wow, that's interesting it's the opposite for you. I'm also female. I was diagnosed with autism when I was 7 but my trauma was overlooked at that point even though it had already happened. Since autism was my original diagnosis that's what most professionals tend to be stuck on even though PTSD seems to be more problematic for me at this point.


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I’ve had this too, but to be fair, it is very difficult to know how much is Cptsd, how much is TBI and post concussion syndrome, and then narcolepsy. Sometimes I can tell, but mostly I can’t either, so it’s difficult to give useful information. I have sympathy for drs who are truly trying their best but miss, because it is even more of a puzzle when they don’t live with me.

I do know that the chances of me getting non-emergency medical care are little-to-none with a ptsd diagnosis though. I had pneumonia and was sent home to “practice mindfulness and meditation.” They said, “ It’s a stressful time for everyone.” Well, it’s the same as always for me. But no, now everyone in Canada (or in my region anyway) can only get covid, so I guess the field has been leveled.

One especially funny moment was yrs ago when the insurance company tried to not pay out for my TBI with a list of symptoms they’d unearthed from 12 yrs earlier that was presented to me by my lawyer as an unfortunate all-destroyer. I looked at it and the date, and said, “I was 8 months pregnant.... I don’t think that counts as a ‘pre-existing chronic condition.’” She laughed in relief and said, “No, it does not. I’ll take care of this.” And she did. But wow.

Did they just conveniently leave off the first pages where the dr was reporting my pregnancy visits?

I think this problem is common for many health conditions. I know people whose diabetes is apparently the reason for every ailment. So they just smoke their weed and live on with the problems :/


Basically my last three months of self advocacy and doctors appointments add up to no psych appointment until after my student visa expires, meaning I move back into an abusive environment. The fear of having what little mental stability I'd built being dismantled is real.

I have Complex PTSD, ADHD, and as a result of childhood survival skills- Codependency. All my documentations or labels finally converge like Karma at one point 😁My point, ‘labels’ are not - all or nothing processes of one’s journey: some labels overlap and your Therapist is of value.

However...I quoted the part above because often we can feel a tendency of having to do something or a subconscious victim stance cultivated from the prior trauma abuse. Seriously, consider if you must move back into your abusive environment or if it is conditioned thinking.

There are choices at times. Often sacrifices are necessary to protect our mental health. Perhaps your T. or another agency can assist in your journey as you return from your Student Visa with other options.

I do not offer this lightly: I left my home to move forward as a teen. It was hard: I had a child. But the abuse stopped and my healing began one step at a time. Peace be with you on your choices.