Atheist unite!!



i'd seen the christians unite thread and had to physically recoil into myself like an armadillo. was glad to see this one peek out. like many here religion was a tool used primarily to torment me. god or spirituality is something i don't really care to parse. it is not relevant beyond what may be studied. quantum mechanics, particle physics. there are qualities within both that intrigue but they are still measurable if not explainable as of yet.

i personally do not believe that a sentient man sits in the clouds and casts aspersions upon us due to arbitrary rules that have been interpreted and re-interpreted for thousands of years. that is nonsense. the bible does not even say half of what people think it says. a majority of religious adherence to date is essentially cultural. or it's paul's homophobic jesus fanfiction.

people die every day due to religion. people kill each other over religion and blow each other up. much of the unrest in the world today other than covid is due to religious tension. it makes me sad to see the violence perpetrated in the name of religion but then i recall my father who used to force me to write lines with my opposite hand and punch me in the back as hard as he could if i got them wrong. or drop weights on my fingers because i am not being respectful of god.

and i think. no. those are exactly the same kind of people. certainly there are good and kind religious folk (hey, some of my best friends are religious!) and i've had conversations with a couple. i enjoy the jewish tradition of questioning and commentary which is conspicuously absent from most of christianity (and it helps that my father's primary source material was famously the "old testament"-christianized for your reading pleasure.) that were certainly fascinating.

i think insofar as it applies to history it is interesting. one of my friends was studying the book of joshua & was describing how the genocide of canaanites is historically proven not to have occurred and that the whole thing was published as war propaganda. things like that interest me because i'm curious to know what is real and what is a fantasy.

but religion no longer has a place in dictating civilized culture. we are beings of enlightenment. law. reason. ethics. religion is not necessary for that and it creates environments of insular communities of people who are reliant on a handful of leaders who often are abusive and suppressive. sexual abuse runs rampant and then victims are shamed for speaking out because sexuality is a sin. and on and on and on.

the concept of sin is repugnant and immoral to me. it is not a "sin" to be a human being.
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This is an interesting one and I'm glad you created it! I've never experienced a cult but my primary abuser was catholic supposedly. For this and other personal beliefs, I'm atheist. Personally, I find that religion is used in the world to justify so much evil that it is ridiculous. I will never personally understand why religious people are considered the most ethical. Most atheists I know are extremely ethical people.
Catholicism I think is particularly bad because there's this fundamental belief that you can do whatever you want and as long as you confess and ask forgiveness, all is okay.
I don't need a god to live my life well and kindly. :)


An extremely devout Christian on my Facebook friends list just posted a status along the lines of :
'there is no limit to what God can do'

Eradicating covid-19, and every other disease for that matter, this instant?
Restoring limbs to amputees?
Solving the world's hunger, water and homelessness crises?
Ending the need for war?

So you're telling me that your god is all powerful - he has the power to fix all of these things, and more - and yet he just... doesn't?
Remind me again why exactly should I spend my life on my knees worshipping this sadistic / lazy sky daddy?


'there is no limit to what God can do'
this is always paired with that god works in mystereos ways. and everything happens for a reason. which is incredebly frustrating on top of exceptionally invaledating.

there is no limit to what god can do except all of the above but that he does not do it is because oh well it's better that way. frustrating and irrational.

i do not begruge people their religious believes but when people talk them to me especially when it comes to trauma and suffering it creates an incandesent form of rage.