Atheist unite!!


"What a crazy time we live in. So many people think that science is fake, that YouTube is a better news source than Reuters, and that Nazis are the good guys."
Well, I am in Spain, part of Europe where the fascism is still well remembered, not so many "this is my opinion, the covid doesn't exist" , so there is still hope.

(And I don't understand the other comments cause my English it is not so good)


around, and still all alone on this cosmic iceberg, drifting along with no rudder and no star to navigate by..............naaah, this is fu*king great and I would sure like to talk about it but if you dare to speak pro atheist you are then marked as anti religious and I already have too many targets on my back. Lets just say- I am fine.


I must be naif in a silly way. Still amaze me every day how many people believe in God and their explanations why they do. My mind goes like, oh well, a fairytale, and the plus, it is a bad one.
Why you don't realize?
They don't mind. And I don't try.
Just keep my life on, I know what I know 😁😉
Thanks for asking @somerandomguy


I am amazed daily at the level of "us versus them" thinking all around us these stressful days.

Right is right and wrong is wrong has always been an interpretation but it feels like the mob mentality sways the leaderships interpretation. It used to be money and lobbyists that I was afraid of, now I think I am losing my representation to polarized thinking centered around "what would donald want us to do?" or maybe worse, "what would donald NOT want us to do?
Add in the religion card and we are lost to an "US vs. THEM" dichotomy that will last a generation.

I am a proud anti-theist and the greatest gift that comes from self-realization that I am one is the ability to shed at least the religious version of "us vs. them" thinking and entertain thoughts put up by any and all beliefs. I may not agree with them, but at least I know why without blindly following a mob that tells me why- with the added restriction of assuring my loss of membership priveledges for letting the thoughts even enter my mind or sway my actions.

Or am I fooling myself and my thoughts are being led by the growing mob of atheists, ready to purge me from the ranks for even repeating a verse from the bible or voting pro life????

I freely quote the bible whenever I want. I just don't take it as god's word. It's just a book. I quote lots of books.

I would never vote for anyone who is pro-life, because all the moderate pro-lifers, people who don't want victims of rape and/or incest to be forced to carry to term, are now basically unrepresented in U.S. politics. Pro-life politicians nowadays also tend to be the same ones who want to destroy the republic. I have, however, voted for pro-life politicians in the past, back before one could hold such views without wanting to destroy pro-choicers at the same time.

Bur of course it goes without saying that you can vote for whoever you want. Atheists are not a monolith.