Atheist unite!!


Spirituality is such a woo word, that can be interpreted many different ways.

Do they define what they mean by spirituality?
Some may define it as a connection to god (that is the universal champion of hide and seek ;)), others as a connection to the universe (well, science says my atoms came from stars and that's pretty neat).

Ultimately, I feel a more meaningful metric is regulation and grounding in present time and space. And I see how hard you're working on those.

But I hear you.
This is absolutely hilarious. Or it would be, if it wasn't going to cause a bunch of people very real anguish.

A priest in Phoenix baptized babies using the word "we" in place of the word "I" for more than two decades. Because of this, all of those thousands of baptisms he performed are now considered null and void, which means any other sacraments given to those people who thought they had been baptized but weren't are also null and void.

What's most interesting about this is, that by the Catholic Church's own rules, anyone who was baptized by that priest who has since died will never be able to get into Heaven. The web page I linked to above conveniently forgot to mention that.

Laughable, but also not. It's just a tragedy that people still think this imaginary mumbo-jumbo is real.


Laughable, but also not.
Yeah, I feel you on this.
It's utterly bizarre, but also I really really feel for all the people who've been brainwashed to the point where this semantic mishap will have a major impact on their lives.

It seems the church found a loophole though:
We can be assured that all who approached God, our Father, in good faith to receive the sacraments did not walk away empty-handed.
Not entirely sure what not walking away empty-handed means in this context, though.
Some kind of divine goodie bag you get to take home as consolation while everyone else clutches gleefully onto their golden ticket for the pearly gates?


It's just a tragedy that people still think this imaginary mumbo-jumbo is real.
The degree of inflexibility is mind-blowing. God will send your soul to limbo for an eternity because his sales rep (sorry, priest) got his pronouns mixed up? Wtf?

In a trauma light, it's particularly disturbing. The people baptised by this guy are no less acceptable and loveable (to god or anyone else) because of the pronoun used by a dude in robes who wiped some water on their forehead as a baby. For the church to suggest otherwise is absolutely shameful.
*end rant*

ETA Hehe, it's alright folks, I'll escort my triggered self to the nearest exit!!
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God will send your soul to limbo for an eternity
I picture an eternal limbo party and conclude that, as someone with a lower back fusion, maybe this is actually what hell looks like.

I'll escort my triggered self to the nearest exit!!
Only if reading or writing about it is detrimental (for you).

I think it's absolutely right to be disturbed by such suggestions (well, often more blatant than the word "suggestion" implies) by the church, and I know that I don't even have religious-based trauma like many folks who cross this thread.
Take care.
For the church to suggest otherwise is absolutely shameful.
I agree with you 110% Sideways and I can absolutely see how this could completely be triggering. It smacks of the worst type of controlling behavior. Someone's exerting duplicitous control over those people who think they are somehow less than others who had the world "I" rather than "we" recited to them while being sprinkled with water. No less than the poor misguided people who think their loved ones will now never meet God.

It's absolutely sickening and shitty. And the controllers are just as deluded as the ones being controlled.


Hey its really validating to find this forum. I have far too few logically sound inputs in life, actually only one person and Ive decided its high time to meet some more like minded folks. I have c ptsd from 16 years of being raised in a cult. Once my real inner healing work began and I learnt what boundaries are the family which is accurately refered to as the pack of wolves became more and more vicious. Am now no or low contact with the household and all except one sibling (7 of us) who is also a survivor in deep healing.

I am allergic to christianity and entirely avoid this bullshit. Rest of the religions are also clearly work of the typical loser whack job dark triad parading themselves as authorities on everything. No wonder they attract all the traumatized types. Even the satsangs etc are nothing but a social scene just serving to be a source of not rocking the boat, toxic positivity and mass brainwashing, inherently denying deeper awareness, authentic human experience and emotional intelligence.

Whats left to admire and genuinely respect are individual therapists/ the odd nun/monk who are really professional therapists in their own right whose wisdom teachings are focused on emotional intelligence and creativity. I especially relate to the psychological importance of animism and the powerful primordial shakti tradition which have no groups. This embodiment of symbolism (not externalising) and merging with qualities was of enormous benefit to my stunted psyche...

All that said, its up to the discerning mind to peruse what is needed and helpful in their unique life. And I am currently seeking specialists who can provide me with tools to cope with the Cptsd which is affecting my life to a MUCH lesser extent but which is now proving to be very distracting from being patient with my studies.


I have c ptsd from 16 years of being raised in a cult.
Welcome! I was also raised in a cult! I can relate to a lot of what you said for real! I am facing that relgious trauma head on right now with a pastor but still don't know what I believe and still can relate to a lot of what you said!

I'm sorry you were also raised in a cult! That shit is hard! But glad you found us!