Atheist unite!!



As an ex firefighter I take arson very seriously and hope that the severity of the punishment for that act alone keeps him out of danger for a long time.

If anything this brainiac should be kept away just for his amazing display of stupidity: Setting an arson fire? Dumb. Doing it as a hate motivated crime? Dumber. Hanging around the scene until the video could be downloaded and a suspect ID given to the police? Dumberer. Giving a public confession when confronted? Priceless.

I still don't know the religion but does it matter? This guy didn't have a grasp of the very real criminal justice system, let alone the made up fantasy ones. It matters not one bit what religion he disgraced by claiming membership. I change my guess to "whichever one got their hooks in him first" with the caveat-"who cares?"


Wondering ... how many of us atheists here chose to be atheists? Were any of us raised to check the "None" box under "Preferred faith?"
chose my beliefs. My pragmatic thought processes started pretty early in life, and in spite of the applied efforts of a very practiced in the art religious organization, I stayed with my core disbelief of all things not proven. I don't believe in 12 volts after the battery dies, what else do you want me to believe? Really?
We are born wanting to reproduce and live as long as possible, even forever. We all know what the first profession was, any one care to guess what the second one was?
I just meant "Christian" in general, so you win. But yeah, the guy is such a cheerleader for Jesus that he's proud of his act, expecting to be rewarded for it when he dies and hoping to inspire copycats.

Christians tend to make fun of Muslim terrorists and the 72 virgins waiting for them after they blow themselves (and others) up. But this is absolutely no different.


Nothing funny about Islamic Jihad. But desiring 72 virgins? Thats funny. You don't have to be christian to be a little amazed by that.


Wondering ... how many of us atheists here chose to be atheists? Were any of us raised to check the "None" box under "Preferred faith?"
I was raised without any religious doctrine or conditioning, and to date any ideologies I have been exposed to simply haven't convinced me.

I guess in that sense I was raised to check "none", but equally there was never a requirement to not believe in any gods, just the encouragement to think critically and reach conclusions based on evidence.


My mother was routinely summoned out of church services to remove me from my Sunday school class.
When they went over Bible stories, I had the audacity to question.
None of the moms volunteering to lead Sunday school could come up with any decent answers apparently.
My mom was so embarrassed, she'd cry. She found comfort in services. I felt bad for making her unhappy but never understood until my kids asked too many questions in Dharma School. LOL!

Most of my questions since have generally been answered through a rudimentary understanding of neuroscience and a little philosophy.
Now, seeking an answer to "why I'm so freaking cranky and sometimes really terrible to the people I love" through a thorough close read of Pete Walker's book.
It led me here and I'm hoping for another human to process with.


I'm a human, I like to process this stuff. I got booted from the 7th grade at a religious school, basically because I wasn't smart enough in the sixth grade to know how to do it easily, painlessly. it wasn't so much the questions I asked, it was the ineptitude of the people that tried to answer coupled with a good memory for details and a sense of how to juxtapose their half thought out existences against each other. I figured it might take awhile, I was out by halloween. Been out ever since.
Doing a google search on Pete Walker now.


Okay, I recognize his "bill of rights". I have read some of his work I think, a long time ago? Eleanore Roosevelt wrote a pretty good Bill of rights too, it's been getting a lot of brain time lately. Yeah, he's got something going on.

Hello my fellow atheists. It's been too long. What's happening?

I start classes again tomorrow. I get to learn how to do CBT this semester, and my other class is about addiction. I'm excited but also anxious. Last night was full of nightmares and stress dreams, I hope I sleep better tonight.


👋 Hi SRG.

Getting through, here.

Your classes sound like they will be very informative and interesting. I hope they will go well, I am sure they will.

I've been having a lot of nightmares too, nothing really new there. We're going to work through them in T. Hopefully something shifts.

Hope you have a better sleep tonight and a great start tomorrow.
I can't believe the pain I'm in right now. My beautiful cat, who was my best friend, emotional support, and shadow for the last 9 years is dead.

Honestly I feel stupid for feeling this way about a cat. But I wish I could explain how he was more than just a cat. He was irreplaceable, and I don't think I could have healed from my PTSD as much as I have without him. I also think he single-handedly saved my marriage more than once. Maybe it says bad things about me but he was my very best friend, moreso than any human ever has been. So I apologize to those of you who have lost dear human friends and loved ones and I'm sorry for comparing what I feel to your own pain. I've never really lost a beloved human. But this hurts so goddamn much. I don't know how I'm going to ever get through this.

If he was still alive, I know he'd be right here next to me to help nurse me through my feelings. But he's gone. That will never happen again. What am I going to do without him.
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Oh @somerandomguy I am so very, very, very sorry. 😢😭😭😭 Please don't apologize, I've lost nearly ALL my beloved humans, and pets, and hundreds on top of that and there is no difference (actually much worse often for the fur babies). And same as you got me through childhood/ life/ ptsd. I am so sorry and my heart breaks for you. Though I am glad he came to you/ people who obviously loved him with every ounce of your being. 🫂 🫂🫂🫂☹️😣