Atheist unite!!


Unfortunately, for millions of folks around the world, "God says you're damned/a sinner" is the justification for atrocities and human rights abuses against them.
My first thought was of this mostly happening in less developed countries, but that's not the case at all. Here in Hickville, US, so many people use religion as a justification to abuse their children. My best friend's lunatic mother and grandmother, for example. Mom used to lock her out of the house all night for being gay and abuse her in other ways for "not being a good Christian". Refused to divorce or even condemn her pedophile husband who molested all of her daughters, also over religion. Grandmother used to beat her with a cross for being gay and threatened her with a gun once. How's that for being the epitome of morality?

My friend is one of those "annoying" atheists who have no tolerance or sympathy for people who are religious. I don't really blame her.

I'm one of those people who was raised without religion because my parents wanted me to be able to choose for myself. I've never really understood that point of view. It is so obvious that these stories are all fables when you're raised without being guilted into believing them or being surrounded by adults who believe that they are true. Why would I start deluding myself now? Not to say I've never considered becoming religious at some of my worst points. Ran out of other coping mechanisms lol


Here in Hickville, US, so many people use religion as a justification to abuse their children.
The world noticed when the US recently did away with a woman's right to an abortion. It's definitely not a third world issue. It's not a gender issue. It's not a children issue. It's not an ethnic issue. It manages to creep into almost every damn facet of humanity. The breadth of prejudice justified by religion appalls me.


Not to say I've never considered becoming religious at some of my worst points. Ran out of other coping mechanisms

I never considered becoming religious, but I've found myself being very very very envious of religious people at times because during those "worst points", they at least had that option to find some comfort in their religion, find some - however irrational from where I am standing - actual legit hope in prayer.

The breadth of prejudice justified by religion appalls me.
And all religions.

People like to focus on Christianity and Islam for obvious reasons. We're not usually allowed to talk about Judaism, also for obvious reasons, but.... yeah *cough*.

My personal pet peeve is that most people love to cite Buddhism as the epitome of a peacful religion and how to "do religion right", while not realizing how instrinsically not only f*cked up buddhistic ideas are (instead of merely going to hell after your death? Suffer and suffer again and suffer some more until you fiiiiiinaaaally come to your senses and OBEY what's considered 'good [read: docile and compliant] behavior') but also not knowing that Lamaism in particular (you know, with the Dalai Lama as the poster child for "peaceful" and "love" and stuff) is actually really really really feudal and facist.

I don't know any religion that doesn't use some sort of demons or bad spirits to instill a sense of fear in order to follow the 'correct' religious practices. And that alone really tells you all you need to know...

I may be agnostic in regards to "believing" in any sort of spirituality/higher being/deity/Q. But I have a shit ton of issues with institutionalized religion and will definitely speak out against those.


How can someone who is pro-LGBTQ, pro-choice, pro-whatnot, and a heap of other "progressive" topics continue being a Catholic, for example?
Cherry picking of the divine word.
Beats me, too.

It's all conditioning in the end, I guess. Only now some churches are "progressive", and so people indoctrinated by their teachings will believe them as so.

It's not like all religious persons have read all of their holy book(s) anyway, to know e.g. when people say "God loves gays" it doesn't play so nicely with Leviticus 20:13..

Or if they have read that part, I'm sure there's some kind of context that makes it all better.
This reminds me of Mother Theresa.

"Give a man a reputation as an early riser and he can sleep 'til noon." - Mark Twain


the worst person I ever met just died. I hadn't even heard her voice on the phone in almost ten years, so it affects me little if at all. She was my stepmother and she brought religion into my life.

If I was a person that hung out in hospitals looking for people on their deathbeds so I could con them into donating their estates to my organization I would be arrested as a con artist and separated from society,

Even worse punishment would come my way if I was caught prowling neighborhoods looking for signs of school-age kids so I could invite them to my home and plant the seeds in their young minds that I hoped would one day develop and earn my organization a full 10% of their incomes for life.

It takes religion to make someone think these things she did were okay. Glad I got through my brief time in her home knowing that she was a predator. So sad my father was her prey.
Folks. I had to euthanize my cat, who was also my best friend, about 3 weeks ago. It's been really hard.

Since then I've been hoping against hope that somehow I'd have some kind of ... paranormal experience, I guess, just so maybe I could see him one last time. My wife says she's dreamed about him and heard specific noises that he used to make. All very explainable, but she took it as a sign. But for me, there's been nothing. Sometimes I'll see a bag or something on the floor out of the corner of my eye and think it's him. But it's just garbage.

Shit, I'd do anything to see him again just once more. You know, sometimes pet owners sense their dead pets are still with them somehow? Not me. Which is fine. Dead is dead. I can't do any pretending. But what I understand now that I didn't before is how grief can really make you want to trick yourself that you'll see your loved ones again. Enough grief and you might even be able to convince yourself that it's going to happen.

But I know I'll never see him again, and that totally f*cking sucks.

The nuns always used to tell us that no pets would be in heaven, since animals don't have souls. That right there is enough to condemn catholicism to the trash pit for me. What kind of a shitty heaven wouldn't have pets in it?
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