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Back in hospital

Hi..hug if you want

I’d say embrace the hospital best you can. Be really kind to the staff and do not be afraid to ask for what would help you. If you don’t like something maybe ask for alternative options.

If someone is not nice to you, speak firmly and say this is not helping. (From experience) and ask them to do what would help you. (Please give me a minute)

trusting the process can be really difficult but there is an ordered/structured way they can help you

Don’t give up on yourself
It’s great that you can make the decision to get yourself help when you need it.

What do you need to get things back on track so you can go home and have things workable for you?

One thing that always helped me through my admissions was no matter what they were offering, I always went to the groups on offer. It offered some degree of structure to the day, and got me back in some semblance of functional activity, even just for a short period of time.