Can a person with PTSD get drunk? Would it cause a panic attack?


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I was wondering if getting drunk with PTSD was a possibility.
I had a traumatic experience with drugs around a year ago and haven’t really tried getting drunk since, I’ve taken a few sips of alcohol if I had the opportunity but this seemed to make me hypervigilant. Would getting fully drunk just cause a panic attack?


I don't know if Im an alcoholic but have certainly abused it, mostly in past decade since having full blown ptsd. I am not dependent on it. I dont drink everyday (not that all alcoholics do) but I often have drank more than intended. One glass of wine and then....finishing the bottle off. I definitely have an addictive personality (smoking, alcohol, gambling) but never got into any drugs and dont expect to since Im already in my sixties. I drink a couple times a week or even 3. Since COVID, I find myself drinking more. Today I was doing yard work and it was really hot and I had not eaten anything all day, just Coke. I got really nauseated and came in and threw up coffee grounds. I just had an endoscopy 2 months ago so I dont think its ulcers. I fear it is my liver but all my bloodwork has been fine, no Jaundice or other symptoms. I actually asked my dr about my fatigue and shortness of breath being from my liver. (I quit smoking) He said it wasn't and ordered heart tests. Anyway, I will call dr in the morning but I guess Im scared to address it and Im scared to avoid it. I know many people in recovery and ptsd seems to be at the root. I applaud those of you that have not used alcohol or have been in recovery. Im afraid that its too late for me.

So if you think getting drunk might trigger things, better to just stay off the stuff. Its so acceptable and prevalent in socializing. I sure wish I would not have abused my body the way that I have.


I had repressed most of my memories of the abuse that I suffered as a child. However, in the past when I was reminded of it I would use alcohol to numb myself to my feelings ...It worked for a while....until it didn't anymore! Then I started having total blackouts, waking up projectile vomiting, having 3-day hangovers, and getting into trouble with the law. I was so miserable that I would pray to die and I ended up in the psych ward of our local hospital several times for suicide watch.

I don't recommend alcohol as a way to cope with trauma. In my personal opinion, alcohol is a negativity magnet. It draws negative energy towards the person drinking it. A lot of homicides have included a person or persons who were drinking alcohol. If you need a way to relax and cannabis is legal where you live, I would recommend seeing a doctor and getting a Medical Cannabis Card. But even then I highly recommend you work with your doctor, so you do not increase any feelings of anxiety or paranoia. Cannabis can help some folks, but ya gotta be smart about it. It is not a cure-all for personal problems.

Having said that, it is probably best that you don't use any substances other than what your doctor prescribes.

This just represents my 2 cents. Please take it for what it is, ....just one man's opinion.

Wishing you the best,