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Chat Officially Functioning

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ohhh, pickles! there's never anybody that wants to chat. maybe it's me--i took a shower and brushed my teeth, and still nobody wants to talk to me. boo-hoo! just teasing . can you tell i'm bored?
LOL... it gets like that. When I actually rollout the new board, I am going to organise as part of it weekly chat sessions, or even twice weekly, ie. mid week and weekend.
Cookie chat can be scary. You go in chat about movies... you take one someone pointed out and decided to rent it and after 20 minutes you are about to hurl, then start laughing at clingwrap kitty cats being packed to go, realize how twisted you are and look over to see in some parts your hubs is in tears laughing at some of the same shit. Then you are left thinikng am I crazy or are hubs and I both???? LMAO, Yes I watched it Anthony, and twisted was a very mild way to put it. I will keep that in mind ney time! But the acting from the guy and the films pushing the envelope was put together very well!
I have an irrational fear or mild phobia, about chatting to people I have never met face to face. Not sure where that comes from. Anyways I'm going to try coming to the chat later on today but I hope no one will be offended if I can't handle it and need to bow out suddenly.
Well I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the chat and am looking forward to the next one. I did MUCH better than I thought I would, I was only afraid for the first few minutes and then I was fine. Thanks everyone for making me feel so welcome and comfortable.
Your welcome batgirl... and thank you for taking the step outside your comfort zone and trying something new. It really is quite refreshing to talk with all those here in real time, have instant answers, discussions and relax with friends. Thank you again.
Sorry I missed the chat but I have to ask- cingwrap cats? Are we talking about "bad boy bubby"?
yep... I really tried not to laugh at some of it. No luck, just further proof I am a bit deranged I guess LOL. Like I needed proof!
Got to admit it found some of it funny too! Hubby use to live around where it was filmed & has had a few sessions at the pub that some of it was filmed in. He went to take me there one night but it was closed due to renovations. It's only about 30mins away from where we live. Still haven't gone there yet, should put that on my to-do list.
Not open for further replies.