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Sexual Assault Childrens services


I told my therapist about a recent sexual assault by my other half. She referred me and child services have been in touch this morning. They want to come to the house to speak to me and speak to the children. Has anyone had a EHA.assessment before? What will they ask my little ones?TIA
my first brush with such assessments was in the late 80's and early 90's. i was already in intensive therapy and brutally honest in answering all questions. i left the room for the interviews with the children (then 8 and 12) the social worker was most helpful in finding further resources for both myself and the children. our home life was not disrupted.

my second parenting career commenced in 2019 with children who already in protective custody. again, i was brutally honest in answering all questions and the social workers were magnificent until march 2020 when the events no one is discussing any more capsized that boat. i'm not sure what is going on in that camp any more. the increased social distances are still in effect.