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Collaborative Storytelling: Building a Plot Together


Hi, on my first year of uni, we put a notebook in a toilet. We'd write a story there. One sentence at a time, on every toilet occasion. And hence an epic take of Mr Poop began.
So I thought we could try writing a story in similar manner here. Contributing a sentence or couple to the plot. But maybe less about feces...
I'll start:
"It was stormy night."
All at once, the main entrance creaked open, casting a lighting-illumintated silhouette against the dark interior.
All cats' eyes turned to the entrance and even the storm seemed to quiet down, as if it waited for something to happen.
Then came the loud CRACK of lightening, immediately followed by a thunderous BOOM and it was as if that last loud voice of thunder caused a very strange, but strong, odor to fill the air… NOOO… it was…CATNIP!
The person at the door stepped in. It turned out to be … Granny. She put her arms on her hips, looked critically at the mess in the room, and said: ...