Relationship Dating a man with ptsd


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I’ve been dating a veteran with ptsd for over a year now. It’s been long distance. There is a two hour distance between us. It’s been tricky but as of a month ago, it’s been worth it.
I’ve held off moving to him in case something like this happens bc I do have kids involved.
But as of a month ago, he’s been super off. He switched medications recently and I think that’s what’s effecting him. But what do I do? I told him I’d never give up on him and I meant that but this is almost impossible. I’ve given him space. I’ve waited for him to come to me to talk, but I could be waiting days bc he’s not budging. He’s cancelled plans with me suddenly, he doesn’t call to check on me and he’s even blocked my numbers at times. It happened instantly. One day he was so in love with me and now, he doesn’t know what he wants and it’s basically like we’re done.
My question is… will this pass? Is he just going through it and needs me to be patient? Or is there no hope? I’m so stuck. I knew what I was signing up for, so I’m trying with everything but I’m not mentally in the best place myself so I’m struggling and just need advice from someone that has ptsd themselves, or partners to someone that has it.
You need to take care of yourself. Your job in life is not to rescue him. If your needs are not being met, that is what your focus should be. I would suggest you go to and check out some online meetings there. I have been there and done that.