Difficulty catching breath


Ever since I was around 5 or so, I've had issues breathing. I remember then because there was this time when I was having trouble catching my breath, and my dad hollered at me, saying, "Stop breathing like that!"

I don't always breathe deeply enough (and sometimes find myself holding my breath), and so I have to take an exaggerated deep breath to get enough oxygen.

It seems to come in cycles. I don't remember about elementary school, but I'd have months in high school when it was constant. Then it stopped, and it started up again in college. I can go for years with no issues, and all-of-a-sudden there it is again.

It's been diagnosed several times as anxiety, but it still freaks me out. It's happening today, but I have no idea why. I mean, I'm always struggling with being here, with not doing anything important, with feeling depressed, and maybe with even feeling anxious deep down, but I don't know why NOW. I've actually managed to do a lot of stuff yesterday and today. I *am* running the service at church tomorrow, but I'm prepared for that. I just hate it there anymore.

Anyway, anyone else have breathing troubles associated with anxiety? I'd be interested in hearing how it is for you.