News Doctor-Assisted Death For Those Living With Ptsd

Allie D.

You seem very depressed & imo again, just my opinion here, that's never a good space to be thinking about end of life decisions.
This is incredibly kind and insightful and you're right, I shouldn't be here on this thread but that's sort of how I got here. If that makes sense. Thanks for redirecting me here. You're absolutely right that I'm hating myself right now and that is coloring my thoughts. Thank you.
Edit AGAIN: I'm sorry you know that kind of suffering.! No one ought to.
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I shouldn't be here on this thread but that's sort of how I got here. If that makes sense. Thanks for redirecting me here. You're absolutely right that I'm hating myself right now and that is coloring my thoughts. Thank you.

^I'm not suggesting you should not be on this thread. Not at all.

Though there are threads on depression, self-loathing etc or maybe even start a new thread on that if you feel inclined.

My concern is that you're thinking of the thread topic here as a means to end your suffering. And your preoccupation with your worth in other people's eyes is so disturbing Allie D.

what do *you* expect of you?

^This! Develop this expectation perhaps?

Allie D.

@Allie D. what do *you* expect of you?

What expectations, goals, dreams, desires, wants & wishes would you like to see fulfilled, that would give you a sense of meaning & purpose again? :)
These are very good questions. I want to write and teach and create art and help other people and I just can't do ANY of those things right now. I don't know. I should recuse myself and ponder this stuff.

And I didn't feel unwelcome, I meant, it's probably not good for me psychologically to be here on this thread.


Key thing: *Right now* :)

That is totally alright. So many creators take & have taken decades before doing things they set out to. Many got to it 'late' in life & still enriched us all by so much beauty. It's not your fault time needs to better sync up with your aspirations :)

Nor does resting mean you're inactive or not moving toward your goal. :) Resting is movement. If it isn't productive at all, I'll tell my zen teachers they wasted years of life in having it wrooong. ;)

It's good you plan to be taking care of yourself, Allie. And that you recognize dead end 'solutions' are indeed no solutions, but end stops.


@Allie D. You communicate your pain ever so bravely in your writing here. I am brain injured, and have multiple diagnosis...a number of ways besides trauma. If I let medical labels drive the bus, I'd be dead now. We are all a tapestry-which tells our life story.., and our narrative is not determined solely by our past or trauma-or shitty people in our lives-or rapists or cult leaders or the bad guys. We are not who we were or who they made us....we are always changing-if we try, and we can all change and become more positive...healthier....but it requires us to choose to change for the better-and hope for tomorrow... because it is now, the present which determines both our past and future. My past looked pretty damn bleak, but it's taken a lot of work to see positive. I agree with @blackemerald1 Consider doing something to fight the in meds? Try readinig/writing on PTSD Poetry Anyone thread....some of my best poetry comes when I am feeling low....but so does my confidence, and will to live. Life can be shit....for years, and life can get better if you don't give up......and yes, it will hurt........but if you give feel's final, and it is when you are dead, that you are nothing...everything ceases....people forget.

Consider hope. You have a computer? What is stopping you from writing? I am a writer, too and I make money at it. Giving.... up is much easier than trying to make a change. You are not a signature, a label, nor are you worthless. You are someone.....I know what it's like to feel like noone...It's not what other's expect that's's what you expect out of yourself.

The papers you signed NEVER said you couldn't pursue your dream as a writer.....there are ways....if that's what you really want. You might have to give something up....or make a change to do so.

As far as asking others to help you end your misery permanently, believe me, they will hurt because they care.......your suicide would be a image in their mind that would likely haunt them, forever. Choose living....writing....doing something positive for you.


I should have posted in this thread earlier, but I'm just now understanding the argument from all sides of lived experience. I'm totally for assisted-death for anyone who really wants it. wHo are we to judge another person's experiences? Since most of the environmental factors are ones that CAN be changed, but society won't change them, then an easy death should be an option on the table. It DOES relegate the human existence to a balance sheet of monetary figures, which I find reprehensible, but I know in my own experience, if assisted death were available, I'd take it in a heart beat. My society is in no condition to support me, and I cannot support myself due to the myriad physical and mental health issues. Even my T is validating my intense suicidal reasoning, because he knows I'm situation is not sustainable. Now, on good days, I still try to fight my way to a good life anyhow, but I know its just delaying the inevitable. I would MUCH rather do this painlessly and without leaving a traumatic mess to clean up, but since that's not an option, guess what's gonna happen? Folks want to stop the "suicide epidemic" but they won't give us any good options for either fixing the circumstances, or giving us a better way to go.

I also see how this kind of legislation could be used for things like eugenics, social engineering, genocide, etc. Not a fan of that in any way. Legislation like this is a slippery slope, and I'm not sure I'd trust ANYONE in America to administrate things appropriately. So I'm still torn on how I feel about this. That said, I'm looking into countries that do have assisted-death policies and seeing if medical refugee status is an option for it, but only as a last resort. I'm still trying to find a way to get out of the hole of disability and poverty I'm stuck in.


^A T regardless of how much they think they know about themselves, you, life, disease and mental illness should never ever validate SI. It's unprofessional and unethical. I hope you know this at some level.
Actually, he knows exactly what he's doing, and is right to do things this way. Having someone who recognizes my struggles and validates me gives me the strength to keep fighting. Its why I see him.
I disagree entirely. How does validating your SI give you strength to fight on past it and give you relief from the incessant calling of the siren?

If you sit in an echo chamber you'll only ever hear your own voice.

If you have people sit and agree with you and not challenge the thoughts that obviously distress you, at least at some level, because why would you be talking about them or seeking a T's thoughts on them if you were entirely comfortable with the idea, there is nothing further to discuss - is there? He agrees with you mulling or ruminating over the concept of suicide?

No, his job is to pick apart the SI. For sure he may entirely agree with you but validating your own self-destructive thoughts isn't part of his brief and again, nor should it ever be. He/she cannot be you and stepping into that arena is dangerous.

Whilst you might want to 'fight on', imagine the harm that might occur to someone who is slipping into the abyss? What does the T say when one of his clients does suicide...? That he knew, that he agreed, that he validated their motivations and emotions? I think there'd be some people that would be very interested in speaking to a T that actively validates SI in clients who are suffering from severe trauma and other mental illnesses.