News Doctor-Assisted Death For Those Living With Ptsd


I am no longer suicidal, at all, but I really find it difficult all though I have a very lucky life, to actively want to live. That part of me just broke and isn’t (yet) fixed since the trauma.

When discussing with the few who I have discussed it they say ‘aren’t you glad you didn’t succeed?’ And I smile and nod because it’s polite; but truthfully I don’t really care apart from it would have made life horrid for my husband for a while and I think he would have missed me for a very long time.

Perhaps it’s because I am agnostic, perhaps it’s because if I have any spirituality it leans buddies but I eat , ( and have reared my own) meat that I don’t see assisted suicide with the horror some do.

Right now my best friend’s mother is suffering a terrible decline with dementia. Truly awful. Her every day is tortured. And there is no way she can consent to assisted suicide, yet she has no lucidity, is tortured by Lewy body hallucinations. It sickens me that I can provide for my pets better at there end of life.

I have a DNR.

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I just want to state for the record that there was a time when I was early on my healing path when I prayed for death. I would cry, "God, please take me home."

What I later learned is that I did not really want to die, I just wanted the pain to stop (or to lessen). I am so very grateful that the 'spiritual powers that be' allowed me to continue living and spared my loved ones the pain of loss. The pain I was feeling decreased in intensity and frequency and today, I am happy to be alive regardless of how frustrating PTSD symptoms can sometimes be.
This is very well said. I too am grateful for being here today. Looking back wow. I would not have been able to survive the pain without the grace of God and or the beings at work watching over. Still i recognize how the symptoms can spike quick and hard, glad i have you all on here.

Right now my best friend’s mother is suffering a terrible decline with dementia. Truly awful. Her every day is tortured. And there is no way she can consent to assisted suicide, yet she has no lucidity, is tortured by Lewy body hallucinations

Healing thoughts and strength to everyone touched by dementia. Prayers. September is Alzheimer Awareness month too.


I'm not real sure about this. My opinion is quite mixed. Do you want die because of PTSD or because you're depressed because of PTSD? That would be my first argument.

N.S. woman pushing for doctor-assisted death for those living with PTSD

"I can't see why (PTSD) would not be included under the current regulations," said Sperry. "It's enduring, it's intolerable suffering if the person can't find a treatment that they are pleased with - all of those things would allow them to make the request.”

N.S. woman pushing for doctor-assisted death for those living with PTSD

This, from a legal view, would be difficult to ever prove due to the sheer number of choices available for treatment. Basically, if you didn't try every available prescription drug, naturopathic, then type of therapy... WOW, that alone would take more than a lifetime if you give each option the required treatment length to determine improvement or not.

What do you think about this?
Holy Crap! NO WAY!!! If my docs decided to kill me instead of help me - I wouldn't be speaking with you fine folks and I would have missed out on a HECK OF A LOT OF GOOD THINGS that happened to me.

I'm grateful that my docs were the people that told me that MY LIFE WAS WORTH LIVING - even if *i* didnt' think I DESERVED TO BE ALIVE! (I was taught I was 'evil'.)

Good Lord! It's like killing someone because they BROKE THEIR LEG!!!!!!! I'm serious, people! A doc helping you DIE isn't a doctor anymore but a murderer!!!! D: (Yah, I wanted to die. MY DOCS taught me otherwise. They said I deserve to be here BECAUSE I WAS ALREADY HERE!) (!!!) :)

I will *NEVER* think that killing a person that is hurting is a GOOD IDEA. There are so many great meds now. There are so many different chances to actually have things turn around in ways you can't imagine. I survived my stupid crap mainly because I *didnt'* want to die even though I thought I should! I then turned my life over to the docs, who taught me, that I was worthwhile. I matter.

I would urge others to not give up. Don't let someone kill you. Don't let you kill you, either.

Peace, to you,

<3 (hearts)

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@zero Are you familiar with the practice of medical assistance in dying?

Whether or not it is applied to a patient is not up to a physician to decide, beyond if they are willing to administer the drugs to the patient.
The current system (in my country) is restricted to the terminally ill and only as they approach the end of their lives as observed by their physical condition.
It's not ever dolled out to anyone against their will.
It is requested by the patient and only approved after a lengthy process of physiological and psychological assessments. If there is any evidence that the patient is being coerced into the decision, it is called off.
At any point in time, right up to the literal last second, the patient can (and is encouraged to) change their mind.
It is always the choice of the patient. If for some reason the patient becomes unable to make the decision for themselves, the legal authorisation for the euthanasia is rescinded.
It cannot be forced upon the patient.


In the same country , they are looking at rescinding the 'foreseeable death' requirement (they have next door, geographically). Ironically, if they did so I actually would meet the physical requirement (unrelated), which is also a disorder, considered rare (est 1/5000 to 1/20000, and easy to confirm with genetic analysis, as is the damage easy to confirm), and for which they say is the primary disorder opiods are unanimously recommended for. But what I find so ironic, is that I absolutely would not be inclined to MAID for that, personally; the pain and problems are- what's the word?- impersonal, and have been life long. (I don't want opiods either). Before they had a name for it, I just thought my body was wired, and I had had lots of injuries. Yet that which they can quantify, they say, oh yes, you qualify. Yet, it's not anywhere near the same 'pain'.

Which made me think, why is that so impersonal, and the struggles with MH so personal? Same brain, same body. And curiously, I notice too, as people (humans), we look to blame a situation, a person- anything- to give explanation for pain. I mean, right on the spot/ in many moments. We can find things to feel badly about, because the pain was already there. But speaking for myself, if/ when I do not blame anyone or even anything, I'm left with a feeling of grief.

So JMHO, and not worth much, but there seems to be more to choosing than what is on the surface. Much like the saying, ~what doesn't kill you makes you stronger; well actually, I think, no, it can also scar you for life. So dealing with the grief of those scars, no matter the physical or psychological challenges, might bode better for helping cope with all pain, physical or otherwise. If nothing else there might be more foreseeable choices. JMHO.
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It's like killing someone because they BROKE THEIR LEG!!!!!!!

See...I don't believe this. If I break my leg, I'm pretty certain it will heal and I'll be able to function again. And...50 years from now (well...I'd be dead, but you know what I mean) I wouldn't still be suffering from a broken leg.

After 5 decades of symptoms of depression and nearly that with symptoms of PTSD, I have absolutely no hope it will get any better. I have tried multiple types of therapy, multiple therapists, all the drugs I can afford, many alternative treatments and, while I'm certainly functioning, that's all I'm doing. There is no joy. And I don't think anyone should have to live like that their whole life. It doesn't always get better.


I was thinking about this whole argument, for or against, because it is in the news, and I realize what stymies me: to those against, depending on your bent it could be a sin; a waste; an affront against every living flower, so they say; or selfish, self-centered, or misled, or even one is not fully capable (really, though they are in their own skin). To those for it's an end, and dignified. Some say do, some say don't- but what no one has to say is what is the solution, or way to bear or move through, unbearable +/or chronic pain/ stress/ grief. Just don't do it, or end it. Against says, it is not undignified, but profers nothing in reality; and the for camp says stop living, and profers nothing else that would actually include the living, either.


Going even *with* doing it...
You still have people to take care of the technical side of the suicided patients.
Witnesses to it, administerers, people dealing with the body remains, people dealing with the deceased' administrative.

Filing in forms Joe & Jane Doe are dead as PTSD days in, days out.
Which gets pretty depressing on any normal feeling people...
And non depressed people cheerfully embracing a lot of random deaths probably shouldn't be doing those jobs anyway.

How is something that multiplies an existing cycle of problems a solution?

As something built as an industry to tackle a problem doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's not 'just' the ethics & pragmatics of the would be yearning for death patients.


With respect I agree with you both. Including:
How is something that multiplies an existing cycle of problems a solution?
But I have to say @Ronin , not all are affected mentally that way. I know (affectionately termed- truly) body snatchers, they don't see it like that. Where they're left however, is virtually crippled eventually. Others feel it's a real service they believe in.
If it actually were a solution it wouldn't be a problem?
I agree. One option buries the head in the sand, especially if where the rubber meets the road it isolates some even further; the other blows it up.

Allie D.

If there were an alternative it wouldn't be a thing to do or not do?

It's gray. And while it is so, we should stay well clear of it imo
MANY things are gray, not sure why this in particular we should steer clear of. I know, we're talking about different levels of safety and security, but still. Lots of things are gray until enough people DO them so "everyone" in a society has a consensus. Right now we don't lack in compassion as much as we lack consensus.
Not arguing in favor of it but I'm in a place where the only two people I love are much older than I am and that leaves me with a bit of an uncertain feeling sometimes.
When I was studying in school, I felt strongly enough to compose an extensive project regarding Dr. Kevorkian who was all over the news in the U.S. in the 1990's. At the time I took it on as a philosophical project - I never thought I'd be wishing for my own death. But there you are. It's interesting for me to remember my incredibly STRONG feelings for people to make PERSONAL choices. When it didn't apply to me.
So now that I think it might apply a little to me... It is reinforced by my natural philosophy, not simply based on personal experience. Thanks for everyone being willing to engage on such a painful topic.