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Dr. Catalyst & Chase Open To Full Members Temporarily


Inline with giving full members, 25 posts and up, access the life coaching forum, I have opened Dr. Catalyst & Chase to full members for a brief period to let you try it for yourself. My advice, don't waste time, as this is time limited at my cost.

Those who have upgraded already, I will extend your upgrade beyond the time I make it available freely.

This will be brief and I will not give warning when I close it, so use it now before you lose it.
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You can't program chatgpt online. Online you can tell it to act like anything you want, but that isn't programing to a specific role, then it forgets and moves on due to memory restrictions. When using the API via external access, you can program what you want the AI to do, and you can get pretty specific. API access is very different. The free online trial version which comes with $5 credit, you get access to chatgpt3.5 in a limited capacity. If you pay $20 a month, you get chatgpt 3.5 and 4 in a limited capacity. Don't get me wrong, the online limited capacities are pretty amazing and will do amazing things. Then you have API access, where you can program chatgpt to get very niche and pretty complicated in its role. It then stops being this general chat bot and becomes a niche expert with a purpose and focus.

When they release GPT4 for API access, that will change things dramatically for all external websites.
If you use the online version, OpenAI actually use that data, via the API, its optional, which I have not allowed. API allows greater privacy, but yes, against public posting, a private account online is still between you and OpenAI and whatever they use the content for.

At this time, its all very early for me to say exactly what I will do with this. Its eye opening and interesting, to say the least. If the overall costs aren't that significant, then I may simply open it all to full members and just add a couple hundred bucks to the annual donation and call it a day. If I do that, then I would also establish a private forum, for this exact reason.
Would you consider opening the AIs to messaging? I understand that before you allowed messaging between members, which caused issues, but with AI I can’t foresee those same issues. I’m guessing, though I don’t know, that the messaging before wasn’t seen by other members just the two messaging? I’d love that option with the AI.
PM's are limited via manual methods that I recoded pages to the way they are now. The software does not allow what we have here, it is custom from me. Whilst I can have the bots use conversations, if I allowed members access to that, then they would have access to full messaging capabilities.

I will be releasing a private forum, where its between you and the AI (admins can view just like current private forum). Admins viewing private content is not about limiting privacy, its simply about if someone needs something, someone has to be able to perform the request, and limiting access to private forums for admins only is just the two of us, which neither of us read them because we don't have time.
Not really. My toy is my 4wd. I had a specific plan after I learnt what I needed about it, and that is now completed. The only addition beyond my original plan is the life coach forum, as I think that is an essential trait that sufferers and spouses need, whether therapy is required or not. I had planned an intro bot and one of each forum mimicking trauma diaries. It was more when I released them, how it was implemented, so forth.

Oh... and I didn't know until after the fact that GPT4 wasn't available via API, otherwise I would have just started with that. I can just switch the existing system on each forum to that when released, which is what I may do.

I love the idea of this. Its not actually AI, its just we have called something large and new AI when its not really. This isn't artificial intelligence. Its predictive analysis from every bit of content on the planet they have stored, allowing an NLP algorithm to interpret and then respond based on its interpretation.

Overall... still super cool and something I think is a useful tool based on my experience of having this place for 17 or 18 years and understanding how many people can't afford therapy because of the situation often due to trauma. I feel this is finally a tool that can help people 24/7, especially those who come here in distress, get something instant if they want it. To me, this surpasses peer-to-peer, live chat or any interactive bots prior to chatgpt. This is one reason why I have never used a bot here before, they sucked. This is predictive and personal to each and every post.

Now its setup, I honestly hope not to do much with it. Right now, I think it might need a little more tweaking, maybe, but is pretty solid. I was informed it was a learning curve to program, I think I've worked that through fairly well for this niche, made adjustments over the past 7 days of its use and am super happy with it.

Its funny really, because I see this as something I could setup and then walk away from. A week on, I'm near or at that point. Ha ha!