End and Beginning


She couldn't leave the country with my son without my permission.
Do you have a parenting plan on file with the courts?

Because, failing that / emergency custody orders / and similar, consent is assumed between married partners and their children. I’ve flown dozens of times with my son whilst married, never once asked for my husbands permission before buying the tickets or boarding or travelling... and I flew hundreds of times as a kid, with just my mom. Even acquiring a passport only need 1 guardian if married, but both/all legal guardians consent if divorced.

It’s a big part of why domestic violence shelters urge people not to divorce until they’ve already taken the children and run. Right up until the moment you -or they- file? You are 100% within your rights to take your children anywhere. In point of fact, someone saying “no”? Can count as unlawful imprisonment, if they attempt to stop you taking your kids with you. It’s only AFTER you’ve filed with the courts that your child’s other parent has to seek you permission to travel.
Thank you everyone for the ongoing support. I still don't know what I'm going to do, especially while in lock down. Im playing with the idea of moving out. It's getting more and more stressful by the day. I'm also ever looking for a job in the counseling field which would give me more than enough money to get a two bedroom for me and my son. I just feel like kind of a tough sell for that because it's been 9 years since I got my degree, and haven't worked in the field since. I did finally schedule my music therapy board exam for July when the testing centers re open, which for the kind of counseling job I want will pad my resume a bit. Any way kind of digitally rambling now. Just wanted to thank everyone.

So my wife posted her new relationship on Facebook today. I knew already she was going to, she asked if it was ok. As petty and jealous as it may sound, every time she posts about her new relationship she gets this outpouring of support. People saying she deserves to be happy, and how great they look together. Not one person, her friends or mine, or mutual friends, have even asked if I'm ok. Ok aknowledged that it might be hard for me. I haven't felt so alone in a long time. Part of me thinks a lot of my friends are holding their tounges cause they think I should leave, but don't want to get involved (a couple I know cause they've told me in the past). A couple more I know are really busy with their own lives. A couple more I know don't want to weigh in because her dating a woman makes it an LGBT issue, and don't want to get involved in debates. (Though they don't seem to have an issue supporting her in this). I just want one person I know (off if the internet) to show some kind of support. That's just been a theme of my life. Left silent to cope with problems on my own. Any way. Sry just needed to rant a little.


Dude I'm in the same spot. I live in a small town, had to go get some retraining with workers compensation in the city. I didn't think it would be that bad but ptsd kicked my ass. I aced my course but I was burnt out at the end. Came back home after 3 months and ended my 18yrs relationship because I had no energy left to deal the stressors. Having no where to go I'm still here trying to figure out my next step. Dont want to be in this town cause it triggers me, need to move, hard to do in covid time, need to find a job to pay rent but not feeling ready to go back to work as still feeling burnt out. Tension is rising between me and the lady but at least we each our room to retreat. Still need to do certification exam but feel like studying either. PTSD sucks ass.