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Everyone With Mental Health Should Listen To Abigail Shrier


This episode with Joe Rogan is something that every single person with a mental health diagnosis should listen to, fully. It is about children and adults, American societal craziness that is prolonging people feeling worse, making society sick where there is no sickness. Those living outside America see some of this leaching out, but most are enacting early intervention common-sense to thwart the toxicity from entering their societies.

If I could personally wrap everything I have said here into a couple hour podcast, this would be very close to it. Therapy is good and evil. Pharmaceuticals are evil, with limited good attributes, yet mostly evil surrounding mental health. Rumination is destructive, get out of your own head. Exercise, exercise, exercise, combined with healthy eating, fixes the majority of issues.

It is amazing how the simple things such as eating right, hydration, exercise and sleep can impact your mood and mental health. Yes, American society is becoming so toxic, but in reality, we have it so much better than most of the world and turning off the talking negative heads is the best way to keep that toxicity out of our lives. I don't mean burying one's head in the sand, but be selective and limit the amount of news that is taken in. Instead, find one or more things you are grateful for and plan to do something each day that you enjoy, even if it is as simple as watching the sun rise. Sometimes it is the simple things that can have a major impact.