Relationship Ex told me yesterday she has CPTSD and I’m abusing her.

Fay Sanders

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Hey. I’m 24 M and she’s 26 F.

We dated for about 6 months and had been on and off/ in contact for another 2 months.
Yeah. I relate to her. Some relationships aren't meant to be. I'd have acted in the Same way. Unfortunately. Because my view is... looking at porn is giving your sexual energy away to a prostitute in a magazine. She will feel second best because well! That's what you get off too. A woman with complete PTSD wouldn't have that. Find someone else. She'll end up worse and hating you. True. Would you be comfortable with her doing anything you do? I empathize I really do. This reminds me of my relationship right now. I love him but my peace of mind is always the most important. Also m to ex was a porn addict and was also withholding. 3 Kids and 17 years.
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