Sufferer Feel like friends don't understand me post-diagnosis

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I’m not so sure that you are the same person as @ruborcoraxxx said, but it is isolated and many of us become reclusive. They told me I’d experience “recovery” but I’d say that’s not true mostly. The panic attacks and other symptoms, or just being floored by things other people shrug off as normal, makes being social difficult or impossible for me at least. I’ve found getting better means getting rid of the things that trigger me. I thought it was going to be getting over the triggers, oh well. I’m not suicidally depressed which is always my fall back. I also recommend not drinking, which in and of itself is enough to ruin most people’s social life. There is a ton of resource here and journaling helps so much. I hope you feel better !
being floored by things other people shrug off as normal
I totally relate to this, Mach! I think us CPTSD sufferers have a lower threshold for stimuli (especially when it comes to the social stuff). I find myself to be rather social, but kind of distrusting/vigilant which makes me feel exhausted after spending time with certain people. I feel like it has taken me longer to find the core group of (for me, female) friends who allow my to express the ways in which I'm vulnerable without judgment.

It's been hard to connect to people in the 2 years since my trauma and subsequent PTSD diagnosis. I don't feel like the same person anymore. I've experienced things that changed my essence, and it's so hard to explain to my friends who knew me before. They want to be there for me, but they just don't understand what it's like to experience regular panic attacks, chronic pain, hypervigilence, and all the other symptoms that have been associated with my PTSD diagnosis. It's hard to watch them all thrive and continue on their path while mine took a sharp turn in a different direction. It's a very isolating, lonely experience. Just looking to connect with others who might be feeling similarly.
panic attacks, chronic pain, hypervigilence
Deer, I totally relate to what you're going through. It has gotten worse in my 30's (even though I've been processing my trauma in therapy). Healing is a journey, that's for sure. I find that it helps to know that others understand and experience similar symptoms. We're right here with you!


I understand completely! To be honest: I dont try to explain! I have like 2 lifes: one with this friends and one with my cptsd. Cptsd is MY way. My healing.
But it costs too much energy to try to explain again and again. And too be honest: I understand that they dont understand. It is not to understand if you never experienced it your own.
But here is a place where people understand!!!