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I ended up taking disability -- worth it in the long run but a total bitch of a process

What about teaching? Lots of community colleges are desperate for people with experience to teach in first responder programs and you don't have to have a degree because it's considered "technical skills"

I did that for a while and loved it. The money isn't huge but it might be worth a look

If you are in the states check out your local unemployment office. They have an entire department dedicated to people who are currently working but want to change careers.
I’m currently waiting for disability. If you don’t mind me asking, did you work during the process of waiting for your disability? I know it’s a long wait and much of a headache.


It depends on what disability you are going for. We had a private disability insurance in dispatch, so I was off for 90 days on sick leave and then quit and took 2 years of disability under that company. It took a shit ton of paperwork, endless meetings with HR and lots of doctors visits but was totally worth it. I could stay "employed" for the first 90 days but not actually show up at work. It was the best possible outcome because I still got 60% of my pay for the 2 years.

If you are going for social security you are looking at a minimum of 2 years and at least one denial plus a crap ton of paperwork.
They will give you back pay, but that's not really helpful while trying to pay today's bills! 😡

You can't apply for SS while you are working - because they will say, well, you are working. Its a total catch 22. But you may be able to apply for medicaid based on your income, which can help with medical insurance.

The dispatch disability company handled the SS stuff because they got reimbursed from my back pay for what they paid me. They used a company called allsup who did all of the paperwork, which was super, super helpful. I know allsup handles private claims but you can't start with them until you stop working.

I didn't go thru any state workmans comp programs so I'm not sure how that works.
Oh ya - and then there was the 5 year fight with the VA LOL

I don't want to discourage you, because it is worth it in the end. It's just going to be a long annoying process. The best thing you can do right now is to start keeping a detailed daily journal about how you are feeling physically and emotionally each day, what you could and could not accomplish each day, when you use sick leave and why, track all your medicines (when, why and how often you are taking them) and good notes on any doctors appointments you have. That will be very, very helpful when you have to start filling out paperwork because a lot of times they want to know how you've been coping and what you've been doing over the past 3/6/12 months.

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I feel like staying home worsens my symptoms? But working burns me out.
The classic Catch22.

It’s why I work in restaurants when I’m between passion-projects / careers, or add another degree. I need to be doing. As doing nothing? I could do forever. Meaninglessly. Uselessly. Pointlessness… but? With serious as hell consequence I have found that I have about 6mo in me to being homeless/off-grid &/or independently wealthy & at loose ends. I need passion & purpose in my life. But I can survive with at least something that needs doing. Nothing needed? Equals not only my own end, but a Helluva lotta pain.So I’ve learned to fill miscellaneous gaps with things that don’t make my heart sing, but that give shape to the day/week/month/year. Until I’ve got my feet back under myself.

More later. Apologies, but I have to run, and don’t want this to die in drafts. At least not if it’s in any way helpful.