first serious relationship - when both going through mental health treatment/issues


Savvy F

Hello everyone!! I have never posted here, and I'm new, so forgive me if this is something already discussed.

So I have been w my bf for a year and a half. We are both going through it right now. We both work in social work non-profits for unhoused folks. We love it. Recently we have both tried to sort out our mental health. He is doing deep TMS, I'm doing an intensive outpatient program. We are both drained, but I think on the right paths. I see good things for us. However, it gets hard. We both have triggers and bad days and sensitive days. He, too, is realizing his own trauma. I need advice on ways to lift each other up while going through this. We both give each other grace, love, and support each other. But I need tools to help. I have a hard time remember he can be mad and need space and still love me. I know that. Likewise, I am sure when I get angry or upset, he feels similar.

How do we help each other and come out stronger together and healthier people.