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Fun Facts

Before railroads time of day was determined by a local professional timekeeper. It didn’t matter much if the time in one location synced up with that of another.
Yep, yep.

Midday. High noon. A serious distinction. 🤠

One I’ve fallen back on more times than I can approximate.

Early morning
Mid morning
Late morning
High noon
Early Afternoon
Late Afternoon
Just dark
Moon & Star Phases (moon horizon, moonrise, etc.)

TBH?!? I think the variation is both more accurate & more human than stupid digital clocks and their 15y minute increments. If not more accurate than texting.
I don’t know how fun this one is but I found it interesting. The US leases Guantanamo Bay from Cuba for roughly $4,000 per year. Every year they send the rent payment but Cuba has never cashed the checks since the Cuban Revolution in 1959 and Castro said that one was only accidentally deposited.

The lease began in 1903 as part of the Platt Amendment to the Treaty of Paris—which was originally supposed to give Cuba their freedom from Spain. (Spoiler: they were freed from Spain but got a new overlord.). There is no expiration to the lease.

Bonus facts: Guantanamo gets their water from a desalination plant brought from Point Loma Naval Base.

There was a Hooters there from 1987-1994. The Navy owns and operates all the franchised companies present there: McD’s, Starbs, etc.