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I find I am becoming a less proficient gardener with age - pretty depressing 😂. But I still love it.

Things that should grow like weeds - eg poppies - don’t grow here and that annoys me very much . I love poppies. They grow on the verges sometimes but not in my garden. I bought a whole load of grey and pastel poppy seeds last year - Tens of thousands - 1 limp purple one came up

My garden means a lot to me though. We live of the produce when possible and my soul lives of the scent and colour. Maybe the scent most of all
I love poppies.
Me too! I haven’t had success with poppies at this house. Garden too small and shady. This year and last year I tried them in pots and the blooms were smaller than the tip of my pinky. I think I’m out of seeds.

Had some luck with snapdragons last year. And growing zinnias from seed this year.

I love fragrant plants too! I have a rosemary and basil. My basil is three years old, woody and propped up—I love it. Lavender doesn’t grow well in my patio either. My mint died but it was planted with the rosemary and I think the rosemary killed it—only room for one! Now I’m growing marigold with the rosemary and so far so good!

This is a tiny garden I had on the deck at the house I rented up until last fall. It was a very sunny, open space.