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Does it have berries? My old eyes are too tired to see, lol.

I've been so busy in the gardens that I haven't checked in with this thread. I have a 20 x 60 cottage garden in the front of the property, 2 10 x 30 gardens in the front, and 1 5 by 40 in the back. Those are the flowers. I have a 60 x 30 veggie garden and a raised bed and potted garden that's big. I was able to get in all my brassicas, pumpkins, and zucchini so of course it went down to 30F last night. Grrr. I have been weeding like a fool since there are about 4 times as many weeds this year. The rainfall has also been 4 times as much. I have to buy more netting and put it up over the big garden in back since the song birds ate my broccoli and cauliflower. I hung some up but I'll need more. They laughed at my scarecrow.

I'm also incubating over 100 eggs with more coming today and Friday. I just went crazy buying eggs on eBay last week. I then had to buy another incubator since the 4 I have aren't enough. I'm branching out into colors that kids can show at 4H instead of designer colors.

My dwarf fruit trees are growing really well. I have to put one more apple in the ground, and move my blueberries and raspberries into the cottage garden. So if you don't see me on here that's where I'll be. How is everyone else doing with their gardening efforts?
I haven’t been well lately and I have things in my cold frame that realllly need to get planted out. I need to cane my raspberries too. So frustrating all that work growing from seed and hardening them off and they look so unhappy they just need planted. Luckily have enough in me to keep them watered and thankfully for the rest of the garden it’s been raining yay!

Potager style garden is what I’m going for. I want a productive space (how good is it eating something you’ve grown yourself) that’s also pretty. I need to put out my sweet peas and cane them I have the area ready to go I’m just not doing well physically which is the lesser of the two evils tbh. My pain medication is making me feel sick and bending up and down isn’t a bright idea at the moment haha. I need to fill a new raised bed, I think I have enough compost, and I know what I’m putting in that they’re suffering in the cold frame. I’m going to try the three sisters. Never done that before should be interesting. Just started a new compost bin last season it’s not quite ready but looking good, great heat coming from it which is always a promising sign.

And the strawberries are flowing I need to put some straw down soon. Then the netting otherwise the crows will have them. My peas are doing their thing not flowered yet. Kale is getting ravaged by snails as is my rhubarb and lupins. The copper tape was a wast of money. I saw two hedgehogs last year so I’m not going to put down slug pellets. Beer traps it is they’re always disgusting to empty. Lots to do. I f*cking love this time of year. I got some pollinator seeds for the bees they’re looking quite happy. AND my cherry tree flowered this year for the first time so I’m hopeful for cherries 🍒🥰
I'm really big into growing. I'm just intermediate level but it's therapeutic so I figure talking about it could be therapeutic also.
Thank you for starting this thread! I love talking about vegetable gardening. I have two little greenhouses that I use to start plants in. It has been so cold this spring that when I couldn't start plants outside, I moved the greenhouses into the house. Its working out well, although it looks like it will be another week before they can be moved into the cold frame. I'm growing squash (delicota, blue Hubbard, buttercup, crookneck and pumpkin), watermelon, cantaloupe, climbing spinach, Chinese long beans, mammoth sunflowers, beans, peas, Chinese kale, tomatoes and radishes.
I'm pretty isolated and like everyone else with PTSD life is a struggle. I work at finding happiness in the little everyday things in life. When the seeds have germinated, and the plants are poking their heads out of the soil I get those glimmers of joy.

I'm in the process of starting a new berry patch for gooseberries and Marionberries. I already have raspberries and strawberries. In late spring I let the strawberries send out runners and I sell the small plants the following summer to help offset costs.
Hi @Kobuck!
I work at finding happiness in the little everyday things in life. When the seeds have germinated, and the plants are poking their heads out of the soil I get those glimmers of joy.
Me too! I have a bush bean plant that is a little loop about to pop up out of the ground.

PTSD is making my life a struggle today for sure. I sort of forced myself to be in the garden and then found work to do. It always cheers me up!
Blueberries forming


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I bought myself birthday flowers, which I swore up & down I wasn’t going to do before I move… but?

I was just a teensy tiny bit sick. And figured the seeds could be scattered over my grave if my death & dying wishes were ignored. (I want to be cremated and my ashes squished into a diamond -or three- in Switzerland 😁 That takes rough a year and a half, so I get to be late to my own funeral. Two birds, one stone.)

I secured permission from the company to use my receipt -that has pictures- to post up here (it’s our old friend, deadly neurotoxin copyright) , but figured I’d wait and see if the seed packets have pics on them. That way I can just take a picture my own self. Bwahahaha. (Of course, you know this means they won’t. C’est la vie).

It will be 6-12 mo before I move -if nothing goes catastrophically wrong- so hopefully the seeds will still be viable. And, er, easily found.

Note to self… I need to buy a seed box to store the packets in. To help with the finding issue.

🌺 🌸 They’re mostly poppies & dahlias 🌸 🌺
Was watering my plants and feeling their love so decided to list all the plants growing plants around my tiny patio and front entry way.

Jade plant
Paper spine cactus
Sansiveria, the cylindrical one
Heavenly bamboo
Yard-long bean
Fig tree
Wandering dude
Spider plant
Bermuda grass
Cherry tomatoes
Tepary bean
Morning glory
Lady’s slipper Euphorbia
Creeping ground cactus with pink flowers
Decorative amaranth
Canna lily
Sweet potato
Lamb’s quarters
Glossy privet tree


When I first moved in there were only three plants, the glossy privet tree, the heavenly bamboo, and Bermuda grass. Yes, I am bragging about my green friends!