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I sort of had to neglect the garden this year. I just got this garden, didn't set it up and now I've seen everything grow and understand what everything is and now, I'm getting dressed to go an prune a bunch of stuff. Prepare the raised beds for spring planting.

Will be good to be outside in fresh air. And exercising some.
That was so rewarding 🥰 I think the old owners planted this specific flower to ward off bugs. My daughter knows what it's called I forget. It must be invasive and I don't like it. I rather french marigolds which I have tons of seeds of.

Taking out whatever they planted made a HUGE difference to the appeal in the garden. Also..they had up stakes for whatever used to grow...(a lot got choked out by years of neglect of whatever that invasive thing is).

Removing the stakes 😍😍 wow!! So much flow and creative space to think and plan the garden for next year.

Got weed block down in one of the beds...it's really two in one but I got tired.

Happy times.
Whoops my phone went screwy I think. I tried to share about what my son did.

Long story short I had wheat berries to grind for bread and he took them and planted them in random plants around the house. My favorite had to be the bonsai tree with a lawn of wheat grass 😍❤️
I have a bonsai tree, grass would look so cool under it! I will try that! And try to take a picture of the bonsai tree soon for this thread. I think I have posted it before but it’s grown and changed since then.
Fair warning, unlike regular “grass” which can withstand multiple cuttings? Wheatgrass can only be cut once, maaaaaybe twice, before it dies.

Just a genetics thing.
Here is the bonsai jade plant. I recently wired the trunk to make it more upright.


One thing I’ve never done is root trimming. It’s supposed to be an important part of growing bonsai, but I’m scared to do it. I will talk to my friend about it. Jade plant is very forgiving.
I got rosemary & basil from the grocery store and now I am reallyy itching to get in the ground. I am sure there is something I can do in the garden today

I also want to pick up organic ginger to sprout that again and this time a lot more than last year. its so pretty when it grows. I want to put it on the deck planter, it will also give some privacy
I filled all my little pots, well, only 48. They are ready for the seeds that I'll hopefully plant this weekend. I'm cleaning the big coop now, cleaned the smaller coop yesterday and filled the new coop so only 3 smaller coops to go. I'm keeping my garden to raised beds and grow bags this year while I situate out the chickens. It might be a boomer year this year.